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Week in Reviews, Wednesday Night Speed and a Sunday Combo… clearly trying to get caught-up here…

Weeks in Review, Wednesday Night Speed and a Sunday Combo… clearly trying to get caught-up here…

What can I say, I like a long title.

Hmm… looks like I’m a bit behind here, so below please find my grand effort to catch-up.

I actually have been running during the month of August and it all started out so well.  It was a bit bumpy in the middle but I think its turning the corner… fingers crossed.

July 30-August 5

I hit 50 miles this week!  Hooray!!!

Pretty normal week… oh except for the super crazy hard hill workout on Saturday.

Monday:  1 hour Jasyoga

Tuesday: 5 miles and sprint mechanics

Not a bad night for a run…

… not bad at all.

Wednesday: Combo workout- 20 minute tempo and 4 x short hills

Thursday:  7 miles and weights

Friday:  5 miles and sprint mechanics

Saturday:  Steady hills.  Oh steady hills.

Everyone in our group knows this one.  It’s hard.  I really don’t think words can do it justice.

But I will try.

The workout is 3 times the steady hill.  The hill starts out at a low-grade and then climbs and climbs and then climbs some more.  Steeper and steeper for 1.6 miles.  Yep.  Miles.  Then you take a shortcut back down the hill for a mile and start all over again.

I usually run these right around 12 minutes or a little faster.  The first one is usually slower (say 12:10) to get warmed up.

I’m not sure what I was thinking on Saturday, or maybe I just wasn’t thinking.  Our coach starts the slower groups first so we all end at about the same time.  I jumped in what I thought was my group and began.

It went well at first.  The bottom part of the  hill, which is usually the hardest part of the hill for me, was great.  Then we went up and every muscle in my quads burned like they’d never burned before.  I think it was all the lactic acid from my damaged quads from the previous week.  All I know was that it hurt.

I got to the top, looked at my watch:  11:34.

Well… there ya go.  Ran that wrong.

I slowed down for the next one, the quads didn’t burn as much but they had no life: 11:45.  Still not bad.

As we made our way down I debated on whether I should call it a day.  But truth be told I just didn’t want to walk away from the workout.  I slowed down (not by choice) and ran one more:  12:10.

I’ll take it.

It was a long slow cool down.  13 miles total and I decided it would be my long run for the week (look at me making good life choices).

Sunday:  8 miles and weights

August 6-12

And then I go sick.  Blah.

It all started out so well.  A little yoga, and easy 4 miles.  Then Wednesday I felt it coming on and did the responsible thing:  I took a rest day.

I was supposed to run 5k on the track but went home and slept.

Thursday was back on track, easy run in the AM ready to bounce back with a Saturday tempo run and then 7PM happened.  Enter sore throat stage left (um or right?).  Doesn’t matter, sore throat was here and here to stay.

Half my office was sick by this point and the hubs, so I can’t say I was blind sided but I really thought I’d dodged it.

Friday home sick in bed.

Managed some miles on Saturday and Sunday and hoped for the best.  25 miles total, 1 hour yoga, no weights but it was my week off.

August 13-19

And we turn the corner?


Instead of enjoying a nice yoga session at noon I was sitting in the lobby at my doctor’s office since I couldn’t breathe through my nose.  I think the rest of me felt fine but couldn’t tell with the lack of oxygen.  I ended up with a Z-pak and hoped for the best.

Isn’t optimism cute?

Tuesday I ran for 45 minutes and managed some sprint mechanics.

Wednesday was heatapocalypse in Seattle (we like to name our weather).  It really wasn’t that bad but since it was 87 degrees when our coach left his office and we hadn’t been running in the heat, he sent us to Ravenna for a 5 x 5 minute run with 2 minutes of recovery in between reps.

Oh, and there’s a 6-7 foot python loose in the park.  Awesome.  Our group debated running down to Greenlake but dodging a snake sounded safer than dodging Seattlites who hadn’t seen the sun for months.  I think we made the right choice.

This will come to no shock to anyone but we started out way to fast.

I won’t bore you with the details (this week at least) but we were supposed to run 6:28s and the first 3 were not-so spot on.  For the last two I parted ways from the groups since I knew we were fast and I was starting to feel over heated.

I managed the 4th but had to take a longer break before the 5th.  Still managed to hit pace but it was hard.

I jogged a cool down and hoped I didn’t make this cold/flu/sinus infection worse.

Thursday I played it safe with 45 minutes and called my doc to tell him the Z-pac wasn’t working.  He didn’t believe me and told me to wait until Monday.

Friday and Saturday I ran 7 (each) and capped the week off with a combo long run.

10 miles at around 8:15s (felt easy which was good).  I was then supposed to run 2 x 2 miles with a half mile float in between at 7:00s.

Shocking really here that I ran 6:47 and 6:46.  I mean really, what’s wrong with me? I jogged the half mile, promised my self I’d slow down and ran a 6:46 and 6:43.  #fail.

It wasn’t pretty.  I made the brilliant decision to leave my water bottle filled with Nuun in my car for the 2 x 2 mile reps because it was overcast so that means it’s not hot or humid right?

I managed a little jog to the water fountain but my stomach was killing me.  I tried a new gel pack which was clearly a major fail and I was clearly dehydrated.

I camped out at the drinking fountain and drank a quart or so of water and then shuffled another 1 + to cap the day off at 16.  Oh and I sat around for like 10 minutes trying to catch my breath and swore I was going to call my doctor on Monday and beg for a new antibiotic.

The hubs and I finished the week off with a nice little walk.

Okay… sort of caught up now because this week is Hood to Coast!!!!

And so the suspense won’t kill you I did call and beg my doctor for more antibiotics on Monday. And he ignored me.  Okay they just didn’t pass the message on.

I called again today, got the new drug and already feel like a new person after the first dose.  Now before you judge me for my drug use know that I hadn’t taken antibiotics sine late 90s until last year after Hood to Coast when I got a sinus infection that lasted until November.  You can see why I didn’t want to repeat this again.

Okay, I’ll spare you the rest of my antibiotic sob story (it’s complicated).

Let’s get ready for Hood to Coast!  Time to pack!!!  (Anyone want to pack for me?  I’ll pay you… no really… I will.)

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