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Nuun Giveaway (finally…)

Nuun Giveaway (finally…) 

Finally!  I’m getting around to my first ever giveaway… hope I do this thing right.

In just a few short days I will leaving Seattle for my 6th Hood to Coast adventure and I can’t way!

If you’ve been following this blog you’ll know I’m one of a handful a women bloggers chosen to run on one of the Nuun’s 3 Hood to Coast teams (that was probably more complicated than it need to be).

Anyways… I will be running lucky #leg 6 on Team Night:  AfterNuun Delight!

This year’s Hood to Coast Relay also marks my one year anniversary of using Nuun.

Here’s my short sob story about me and electrolyte drinks:  We don’t get along.

The End.

Okay here’s the slightly longer version. I’ve had issue with electrolyte drinks since high school.  The first big fail happened at the district meet my senior in high school.  I quit that very popular (sugary) electrolyte drink and stuck with water after this sad, sad experience.

Over the years I’ve tried other similar (sugary) electrolyte drinks and had similar issues.  Usually it involved sever stomach cramps.  I had issues during my first htc when it was hot and opted for that same sugary electrolyte drink only to get really sick and stuck in the van doubled over in pain until my final leg.  (Do you see a pattern with the word sugary?)

I’ve also had issue after marathons when the cramping was so bad I considered going to the ER.  I finally talked to my coach about he thought it was a result of all the sugar (surprise surprise) in the sports drinks.  He suggested I find one without sugar.

You’d think he’d suggest Nuun since we live in Seattle, but no he suggested another brand and you know what?  It worked!  I had a major PR in my marathon (3:20 to 3:09) and not stomach issues!  You think this would have been enough to stick with the drink right?


The issue with the drink I’d used was that it was hard to find and it was a powder form so it was hard to use.  Once you added it to water it sank to the bottom of the cup unless you drank it right away.  Fail.

I decided to just skip drinks all together and get my electrolytes through gels or blocks.  The problem with this was that I wasn’t getting hydrated during my runs.

Then last year at htc we were trying to do runners math with our scorecard since we hadn’t kept track of the running time while in the race (big BIG BIG mistake- I guess they actually want you to fill all the info out on that card… lesson learned).

While we trying to figure out where the missing 5 minutes went the good people at Nuun were giving out free water bottles and samples; and that water bottle and free sample changed my (running) life!  (Okay not right away… I’m a slow learner).

I tried my first Nuun after a run a few days later in Tahoe.

(I love me some Lake Tahoe)

Nuun was good and clearly easy to use (just drop a tab in your bottle and go AND is dissolves fully!  No sinking to the bottom of my water bottle!).

Long story long, though I sampled the Nuun in the summer I didn’t actually realize the importance of running with my Nuun until last winter.  I was struggling with my running and was ready to take time off.  I decide to give an 8 miler one last shot (my longest run at the time) and I brought this with me:

Actual bottle from that run (I was that excited).

You’ll note (sadly) by this point I’d lost my Nuun water bottle… left it on an airplane.  Sad.  On another random note, I also found this on my run:

Don’t worry… I gave it back.

Focus… Nuun.

I had my first good run in months and that day my love of Nuun was solidified.  Now I don’t run without.  That’s how it all began!

So I love Nuun because it’s easy to use and it doesn’t have sugar (which makes using gels for calories a lot easier).  It also is packed with electrolytes which is super important when your out there sweating!

And now I want to share the Nuun love with you all!  Enter to win all this Nuun goodness!


Pink Lemonade, Tri Berry, Lemon Lime, Fruit Punch and… the blue Nuun water bottle!!!!

How you enter you ask?

Here are the details:

You have until Friday night, August 17th at 8:00 PM PST to enter, and I will announce a winner Saturday. Please leave a SEPARATE comment for each entry (US residents only… sorry about that), there are 4 ways to enter:

  • Follow @nuunhydration on Twitter (or let me know if you already do)
  • Like Nuun Hydration on Facebook (or let me know if you already do)
  • Tweet about the giveaway @robyn_hefner:
  • Tell me why you love Nuun or why you want to give it a try

Good Luck!

And for more info on my Team Night:  AfterNuun Delight checkout their blogs!

Team Night: AfterNuun Delight

Van 1

Caroline – Canadian Runner in Exile: Legs 1, 13, 25

Lauren – Health on the Run: Legs 2, 14, 26

Vanessa – Gourmet Runner: Legs 3, 15, 27

Shanna – Smack! Media, Nuun Partner: Legs 4, 16, 28

Susan – Nurse on the Run: Legs 5, 17, 29

Robyn  – run pretty run fast: Legs 6, 18, 30

Van 2

Emily – Sweat Once a Day: Legs 7, 19, 31

Katie – Katie RUNS This: Legs 8, 20, 32

Sarah – Running Starfish: Legs 9, 21, 33

Harmony – Keep on Keeping On: Legs 10, 22, 34

Megan – Nuun Employee: Legs 11, 23, 35

Kelsey – The Go Girl Blog: Legs 12, 24, 36

run pretty run fast


18 comments on “Nuun Giveaway (finally…)

  1. Roya Ghorbani
    August 14, 2012

    I have heard such great things about Nuun and have always wanted to try it!


    • robyn
      August 18, 2012

      Hi Roya! Thanks for entering my contest… I might be able to get some samples this weekend (at htc) if I get some would you like me to send you some to try? I really love this stuff!


      • Roya Ghorbani
        August 19, 2012

        Robyn, that would be wonderful!! Thank you so much!

        and good luck in HTC! Excited to read your follow up post about it! 🙂

  2. Roya Ghorbani
    August 14, 2012

    I follow them on Twitter!


  3. Roya Ghorbani
    August 14, 2012
  4. Keighty B
    August 14, 2012

    I want to try Nuun because I’m already toting SO much for a run (two children, pacifier, sippy cup, goldfish crackers, pepper spray, double jogging stroller) that it would be nice to have my electrolyte drink just be tablets I can drop into a water bottle that I can refill rather than worrying about packing several different electrolyte drinks on top of EVERYTHING else!

    • robyn
      August 18, 2012

      Yay! You won! I’m excited for you to try Nuun! I LOVE it!

  5. Keighty B
    August 14, 2012

    I tweeted about the give away!

  6. Keighty B
    August 14, 2012

    I liked Nuun on facebook!

  7. Keighty B
    August 14, 2012

    And I follow Nuun on twitter!

  8. lindsay @ never say never
    August 14, 2012

    I like Nuun on Facebook!

  9. lindsay @ never say never
    August 14, 2012

    I have heard so many good things about Nuun. I’ve been wanting to try it because I also have trouble with sugary electrolyte drinks. Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

    • robyn
      August 18, 2012

      Hi Lindsay! Thanks for entering my contest! I might be able to get some free samples this weekend at htc… let me know if you’d like to me to send you some samples!


  10. Holly
    August 14, 2012

    I “like” NUUN on facebook!

  11. Holly
    August 14, 2012

    I follow NUUN on twitter!

  12. Holly
    August 14, 2012

    I love NUUN…light flavoring {not over powering}, no sugar, convenient…and I love the people of NUUN! You are going to have a blast…can’t wait to follow along! P.S. I lost my waterbottle post-Ragnar and am having major withdrawals 😦

    • robyn
      August 18, 2012

      I am SOOOO excited! I’ve been sick for the last two weeks though so hoping I’m finally better next week. Got a full week of training in even with this head cold this week so I think I’m set! I’m so sad you lost you blue bottle! Maybe I can snag one for you this weekend 🙂

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