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Wednesday Night Speed: 20 minute temps & 4 x hills

Wednesday Night Speed:  20 minute temps & 4 x hills

August 1

I was actually pretty excited to hit the track on Wednesday after a very painful Sunday tempo run.

The group had been running 1000m repeats so I figured we’d be running 800s or 1200s.  Nope.  Think again.

3000m at 10k pace, short 2 minute jog and a fast mile.  Group 4A was at 6:28s and a 6:00 minute miles so I figured I jump in with them.

But just as I finished reading the workout sheet my coach came up to me and told me I had a different workout; a  recovery one.


No way, I want the hard one.  None of this recovery crap.  I’m recovered right?  Ragnar was a million years ago!  I somehow managed to quite my protesting self and decide that it was probably in my best interest to trust my coach.

Our workout?  20 minute tempo run at 6:24s but the last 5 minutes we’d relax for 10 seconds, surge for 10 seconds and then settle for 40 seconds.  Sounds like a lot of thinking right?

We were off the track for this one.  One of the gals in our group wanted to go run up the hills but I learned my lesson on Saturday and opted for the lake.

Our group gathered, we ran a lap on the track and were off.  I ended-up feeling pretty good.  My legs had some nice spring in the and my quads didn’t hurt.  My breathing was also nice and relaxed (well as relaxed as it can be for 6:24 pace).

Our first mile was 6:30 but I think my watch was a bit off and the mile included some pauses for traffic.  One of the other gals in the group had a Garmin and she confirmed my theory.

Our second mile was 6:23 right about on and it felt a bit faster than the first mile.  The last mile had the surges and we were at 6:26 but that included dodging a little boy who didn’t know which way to zig or zag when our pack of runners approached him (oh Greenlake).  The last tenth of a mile was a t 6:00 minute mile pace.

It felt good, challenging but not like it took everything I had, which was a good thing because we didn’t learn about the hills until we got back to the track.

4 x .14 miles (5:50, 5:41, 5:32, 5;19- as if this means anything).  I wasn’t really checking my watch on these, so I was happy to see I was getting faster on each one of them.

Okay enough workout blah blah blah… finally a giveaway!  Check back tomorrow for info on my Nuun giveaway (my first giveaway ever!)

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