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Week in Review: This is how we recover from a relay… quads are you listening???

Week in Review:  This is how we recover from a relay… quads are you listening???

Okay, clearly I’m trying to get caught-up on some blogging…

July 23-July 29

My quads.  What can I say?  They decided to stop working this week.  Apparently lifting weights after a 24 hour relay is not the most sound decision I’ve ever made.

Recovery.  I like to ignore it because I think I can just push through anything.  My coach though believes in recovery and I’m slowly changing my ways.  If we run a 5k-10k he usually gives us a recovery workout at the track, but anything over that he doesn’t really want to see us.

Yes I email him to confirm this because I need someone to tell me not to run.  And yes I am an adult.

He also said that Saturday wasn’t necessary and to wait and see how I felt.  I of course decide there was no way I was missing Saturday.  Baby steps right? (Isn’t there some 12 step program for this?  Like over-running anonymous?  Anyone?).  No?

So the plan then is just easy mileage.

I really couldn’t move on Monday morning.  Sunday night, still high on relay endorphins, I was good but my dose of reality on Monday morning was hard to swallow.

Still, I’m an optimistic girl so I was hopeful my Monday yoga would release all the pain in my legs.

It didn’t.

Maybe Tuesday morning will bring functioning quads.


I met some peeps on the water front and limped through some miles.

Trying to stretch while waiting for running peeps.

I skipped sprint mechanics.  I was just happy to get some miles in and my legs were feeling a little better and I didn’t want to press my luck.  My run definitely wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t fast but it was beautiful night.

I heart me some Kirkland.

Wednesday no track (per coach’s instructions) and I was sick (thank you stomach).  So no running (I can’t even believe I made it through the work day).

Thursday back to my normal self (sort of).  I managed 7 miles and a lift (a light and careful lift).

Friday I was set to run 7 but stopped at 4.5.  The quads were feeling somewhat normal but I was planning a trip to the track Saturday morning and wanted to make sure I got through that one.

And I did.  It was wrong in so many ways but I got it done.

Sunday I was ready to revisit the long run with the help of this girl:

Me and Jules.

She promised to run slow with me.

We hadn’t seen each other for weeks, so you know how that goes.  Start talking, excited and the pace drops and drops.  We manged to slow down a bit but it made the last few miles hard.  Still after my tough workout on Saturday I was happy.

So to recap:

1.  Don’t lift leg weights the day after a 200 mile 24 hour relay.

2.  Do use the week to get mileage in (easy does it).

3.  Don’t rush back into speed!!!!

I should point out that I’m not a coach (though this info is from my coach) but I really think the key is to listen to your body and give yourself sometime to recovery.

How do you recover from a big race?  Are you a super mileage person that can power though?  Do you have trouble backing off after the relay endorphin rush?

run pretty run fast

(…  and I should warn ya… I’m trying to get caught-up on some posts so sorry to fill your inbox or blog feed :))


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