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Saturday Morning Tempo: 4 miles (2-1-1)

Saturday Morning Tempo:  4 miles (2-1-1)

July 28th

And back to the track; post relay.  This will be fun?

My quads were starting to feel better (more on that in my weekly update) but I was still a bit nervous to run fast.  My coach told me I couldn’t come to the track on Wednesday (and he didn’t even know about my quads) and he even said not to come on Saturday if I was still feeling tired, but this blog has clearly established that I do dumb things.  So here we go.

The good news about Saturday morning is that Friday night I opted to eat a gluten-free but very dairy filled margarita pizza (amazing by the way).  No big deal right?  Except for the fact that not only do I not eat gluten, I don’t eat dairy.  For reals.  I get hives.

So my stomach felt bad (since I rarely eat dairy, not shocking my stomach doesn’t like to digest it since it doesn’t see it much).  This is actually the good news;  I was thinking about my stomach instead of my quads.  Also good news, I’ve run through worse so I figured I’d give it a go.  Besides my coach will remember this is recovery right?

The workout:  4 mile tempo run, 2 miles at 6:32, drop to 6:28 for the 3rd and then 4th fast (2-1-1).

We were instructed to go off the track so like a little lemming I followed.

The first mile and a half were downhill and since it’s an out and back that meant we had a nice mile and a half uphill on the way back.  I should have broken from the group and hit the lake instead but no I followed the leader to the park.

Mile one:  6:14 (yep that is not 6:32).  It felt okay but we were running downhill; no one held back.

Mile two:  6:28.  Doesn’t sound bad right?  Except the first (flat part) we were at 6:04 pace: the hill slowed us down.

Mile three:  7:04.  Now there was a pause in this mile for crossing the road, but really the slower time was me dying on the hill.  I stayed with the group for the first part, but then my quads gave-up on me.  Dang.  And there’s still a mile left

Mile four:  6:07.  And it wasn’t pretty.  The rest of the group was 100m ahead.  My stomach was barely holding on but I just kept moving.

I was happy to run a fast last mile but I would have much preferred to run the 2,1,1 instead of the crazy pattern of fast, okay, slow, fast (don’t die) miles we ran.

Oh well.  Done and done.

Anyone else follow the herd?  Apparently I would jump off a bridge if everyone else did (it just might take me longer to get to the bridge).

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4 comments on “Saturday Morning Tempo: 4 miles (2-1-1)

  1. XLMIC
    August 10, 2012

    One day I will once again run a mile as fast as ONE of those that you string together so nicely 🙂 I tend to not follow the herd. I’m a system-bucker but not much of a leader. It’s an interesting personality. I try not to be (too) disruptive about it, though 😉

    We should compare relay food notes since we both do the GF/DF thing most of the time. Last year’s delicacy/power food was a can of tuna between my 2nd and final legs. I was nice and ate it outside of the van 😉

    • robyn
      August 11, 2012

      I don’t usually follow the herd either but get me in a workout and my brain shuts off… working on it :). Glad I’m not the only GF/DF person! I’m definitely bringing my own food. For Ragnar I packed a sandwich, bagels (GF bread), cashew butter, hummus, crackers, GF cookies and peaches! Oh and a protein drink that just needed water. Eating on a relay can be tough!

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