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Week in Review: And this is what we run the week of a 200 mile relay

Week in Review:  And this is what we run the week of a 200 mile relay

July 16-22

This week we relay.


Here’s the story of how I landed on a Ragnar Northwest Passage (be prepared to be underwhelmed).

Monday started like any other Monday.  Working hard through the morning and then my noon-time yoga with Jasyoga.  Once we were done, with I might add the perfect combination of flow and restoration yoga, my friend Nina and made our way to the staff locker room.

We were on our way out and I just happened to mention that I’d tried, unsuccessfully, to get on a Ragnar relay for the weekend.  Before I could even finish my lament on how it took me forever to post that I was looking for a team on the Ragnar site she informed me she was running (jealous) and that they were down a runner (hopeful) and asked if I would be interested in running (heck yeah!).

I tried to compose myself and hide my excitement and said “YESS!!!!!” (so much for hiding) but I needed to run it by the hubs (knowing full well he understands my love of a relay and would gladly encourage me to run).

A few short hours later I was in.  I just can’t say no.

This really does change ones training week.  Having done a few relays in my day I’ve learned to not train through one.  So no hard workout for me this week (okay I confess I emailed my coach about this be he confirmed that the workout wasn’t going to add any fitness and I was running 3 races in a day) and time to switch a few things around.

Tuesday I met some peeps for an easy 5 on the water.  I added a few sprint mechanics at the end and made my way to the gym, ran another mile, lifted and cooled down a mile.  Day done (me sore).

I ran an easy 8 on Wednesday and an easy 4 with sprint mechanics on Thursday.  19 easy miles on the legs.  If I was racing on a Sunday I’d aim for 25 but cut a few miles since racing began on Friday.

You can read the full recap here.  Hello Blaine!

Peace Arch!  (Okay… that’s clearly just the sign)

… little gray…

It rained like the end of the world for my first leg (okay little dramatic here).  The second leg was in the dark and was misty.  And my final leg I don’t remember.  6.8, 5.7 and 3.1 miles later (plus a little cool down 10 minutes after each leg) I was done.

We caught the ferry back and I slept like a baby Saturday night.

Enter Sunday.  Oh Sunday.  What to run?  In my younger years when recovery seemed to magically happen over night I could get-up and run a short long run (12 miles) the next day.  I’ve learned not to do that after I injured my foot attempting a long run after a 20k.  Oops.

I still wanted to run.  After htc I’ll run 30 minutes on the beach, but I was feeling good.  Should I try more?  Of course, yes.  7 miles no watch and it felt great.  And I should have stopped there… but oh no.  We all know I do dumb things.

So I went and lifted weights.

I even had the hubs snap this pic of me in my new Ragnar shirt after the lift. Look at that smile… I had no clue.  But the t is awesome right?

If I only knew then what I know now.  Damage was done.  I woke-up Monday morning and my quads were wrecked and I mean wrecked.  We’re talking post marathon zombie walk.  Ugh.  And I did it to myself!

Where’s my foam roller?

You’ll have to wait for next week’s recap (the anticipation is overwhelming right?) but note to all relayers, do not do a leg weight workout the day after a 24 hour 200 mile relay… just don’t.  You can spare one more day of recovery, I promise.

Have your run a relay?  What’s your training week look like?  My first few htcs I did intervals on Wednesday nights… geeze who am I?

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7 comments on “Week in Review: And this is what we run the week of a 200 mile relay

  1. XLMIC
    August 9, 2012

    My most recent training week was really fun! On Saturday, I did an elliptical half-marathon super fast. Sunday I ran a beautiful 3-mile hilly trail loop twice…slowly with a good friend. Monday was a lot of stretching. Tuesday was my blazing fast elliptical 5K followed by a very lovely and petite 1.5 miles slow in my neighborhood several hours later. Wednesday was my brutal elliptical 10K (in case you’re wondering what all this ellipticalling is about…I have hip issues and am pretending to be an Ellimpic athlete this week…I’m entered in 4 events (-: ). Today was the running of the funnest hill I’ve ever run…1+ mile and 700 ft climb…it is my favorite. Tomorrow I will do nothing.

    Every week is different for me. I never know how my hip will feel. I never know how much life my kids will suck out of me by the time I get to work out. I just take it as it comes 🙂

    RELAY!!!! Yes. Once. Looking forward to my second 🙂

    Take care of those legs, girl!

    • robyn
      August 10, 2012

      Love hear about your Ellimpic experience! I can’t even imagine a half marathon on elliptical! 700 ft climb? Sounds like some good htc training! Legs are finally feeling recovered (after a brutal hill workout) but now I’m down with a cold/flu (thanks to the hubs)… oh well… guess I am tapering for htc 🙂 Hope your hip is getting better!

  2. lifefuelblog
    August 10, 2012

    Never done a relay – but it’s on my list! I’ll take your advice about the no-leg workouts after. But you’re, right, the t-shirt is great! Congrats on the race!

    • robyn
      August 10, 2012

      Thank you! Relays are my favorite! Ragnar did a nice job with the Ts- there from american apparel!

  3. runariran
    August 22, 2012

    I’ve run the Wasatch Back Ragnar out here in Utah, and really liked it! The course was great, and it really was a lot of fun. The one thing that I would change would be that my husband wasn’t there. I would only do it again if he did it with me. It felt too much like a college track meet without him.

    • robyn
      August 27, 2012

      I might have to check that one out! Does your husband run? I hear ya on the whole college track meet… relays should be fun first and foremost… I’ve seen teams that are way to serious… I like to run fast but fun is a priority!

      • runariran
        August 31, 2012

        Yes, he does. We actually met on our college cross country team! He graduated after my first year, so I wasn’t able to travel with him my last three. I like it MUCH better with him 🙂

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