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Week in Review: Oh what a week! (I know not original… I got nothing here people…)

Week in Review:  Oh what a week!  (I know not original… I got nothing here people…)

July 9-15

Ahh Geez… I’m fallin behind.  Mostly because this totally happened:

Ragnar Northwest PassageWell and life just gets busy right?  But you’ll have to wait for the Ragnar recap (and no I can’t promise a timely recap but I promise to try my bestest.)

Okay back to the week before Ragnar… it was a big one!

Shocking to find I started the week with a little Jasyoga.  Much, much need after my first week with two hard workouts (okay one was a race).

Tuesday I ran 5 plus some sprint mechanics.

Wednesday I was sort-of dreading the workout, mostly because I thought we’d be running like a zillion intervals and because the temperature was close to 80 degrees.  Lucky for me it was a combo workout with a 20 minute tempo and 5 x 45 seconds up a hill.

It might not have been the prettiest workout ever but I got it done.

Thursday I woke-up nice and early (yes after the track tempo) for an easy 7;  this is part of my Hood to Coast “training plan” (and I use the term training plan very loosely).  People have different strategies for training for Hood to Coast.  A lot of people will run doubles but I keep it simple (kind-of).

1.  I run for a least an hour (very easy) the morning after a hard speed session.

2.  I run hilly (very hilly) easy runs at least once a week.

3.  I like to be able to run a 2 hour-long run.

4.  I run at least two one hour runs in the heat (for us that’s like 70-75 degrees per my coaches instructions).

Not too hard right?

Okay back to the run.  It was one of those blissful quiet mornings when no one else is up and it just feels and smells like summer.  I also wore my new neon yellow t-shirt which always help (wearing new running clothes makes you feel good… bet you didn’t know that…)

New yellow T

I seriously might love this shirt for reals.  Reals.

In addition to the 7 I lifted in the PM.  It was another perfect night.

Friday I kept it easy with just 3 miles and sprint mechanics.  I wanted to be rested for the Saturday morning tempo.

And tempo we did.  It was a funny morning but we managed 3.5 miles at a nice pace.  The last half mile was rough but I finished strong.

I capped the week off with a rainy then sunny 16 miles over the many rolling hills of Kirkland and Redmond.  I was pretty spent at the end of the day but finished off with weights.

What a week right?  47 amazing miles, starting to feel stronger and more like myself!

Time to watch some Olympic magic!

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2 comments on “Week in Review: Oh what a week! (I know not original… I got nothing here people…)

  1. XLMIC
    July 29, 2012

    I love seeing what other people do to prep for a relay like HTC. Since life’s been throwing me curveballs, spitballs, and sh*tballs for the past 5-6 months, my HTC ‘training plan’ this year is markedly different from last year’s and from yours 😛 I’m hoping to get my mileage up to at least a ‘long’ run as long as my longest leg! It’ll be fun to meet you and your neon yellow shirt 🙂

  2. robyn
    July 30, 2012

    Life can be so mean! My training plan was really modified last year. I had been cross training since April and started running in July. I still made it through htc in one piece (thought my last leg was rough… I think it was close to 8 miles! Yikes! Hoping the neon shirt makes it to htc this year 🙂

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