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Saturday Morning Tempo: 3.5 miles and a little extra

Saturday Morning Tempo:  3.5 miles and a little extra

July 14th

Another Saturday morning (two in a row) and it’s just me, the crazy fast guy marathoners and the crazy fast high school/college girls.  My master friend is there too but he clearly is getting back into group 3 shape so we’ll see how long this lasts.

Should be interesting right?

The workout took forever and a day to start, for reals.

We had to do extra warm-up laps because we were standing around so much.  We finally were given our workout only to have it changed on the start line.  Don’t ask.  I don’t know either.

I opted to say on the track with the college girls.  The masters guy and the high schools hit the roads (and the marathon guys were long gone).

Originally we were supposed to hit 6:32s and pick it up at 2.75 miles for the final .75 (confused yet?), but Tom changed his mind and told us to run 3.25 at 6:32s and pick-up the last quarter and that there would be a little extra at the end.

What?  What’s this extra you talk about… I need more than that???!!!! Hills?  Sprints?  Dear extra what do you mean???

Okay.  No time to panic.  Just run.

After a lap at 1:38 (I think we were aiming for 1:39) the high school pack left the track.  Since this workout was on the faster side for me I wanted to say on the flat surface.  Besides the first mile to GL is down hill and I wanted to have a nice even 3.5.

I quickly ended-up alone I was a bit fast through 800m but settled down only to find another fast lap at 4.  Mile:  6:29ish… close.  I tried to settle in but was still fast for the next 800 but held back the next 800.

Lap 9 was 97, still fast but as I made my way around and I knew I only had 5 to go.  A few years ago this would have felt like a million miles but that morning it felt manageable.

I just kept clicking off laps.  96, 98, 98 (settling down) for a 6:30.

I was starting to get a bit overheated and my coach tossed me my Nuun (I’m guessing he could see I was turning red) I’m not sure what happened but I ran a 93.  One of the college gals was running a quarter less than me so I might have heard her and picked it-up.

One lap left, time to move and move I did 87.  Yep, that is an 8.  I don’t think I’ve ever finished a tempo that fast.  The last half mile was at 6:00 minute mile pace.

I was happy to be done (averaged 6:26s)… but then there’s that whole extra piece.

So we jogged.

15 minutes.  We grouped back-up and I braced myself for the sprints or hills, but it was my lucky day.  We were doing sprint drills.  Yes.  I mean YES!  (I was pretty tired at this point).

Tom had us do all kinds of fun crazy drills;  running in circles, running barefoot and running on the turf.  And lets not forget down the hill off the sidewalk.

It was all very helpful.

Solid morning workout.  Fingers crossed recovery goes well!

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3 comments on “Saturday Morning Tempo: 3.5 miles and a little extra

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  2. XLMIC
    July 29, 2012

    That is SO fast!

  3. robyn
    July 30, 2012

    It was a nice run… but hurt like heck!

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