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Wednesday Night Speed: Combo workout 20 minute hilly tempo 5 x 45 sec hills

Wednesday Night Speed:  Combo workout 20 minute hilly tempo 5 x 45 sec hills

July 11th

Thank the good Lord!  I was hoping and wishing for a workout like this and not a workout ending in meters (you know like 7 x 1000m).

This one wasn’t posted early and it was a hot day (for us) right around 80 degrees after work.  We’d just finished 3 weeks of 5k workouts and our coach said we’d be moving on to 8k-10k workouts but every now again we’ll get one of these recovery type workouts so I was thrilled!  Really!

The legs were tired from the big week before and I’ve struggled with the heat but I figured I could make it through 20 minutes and then fake my way through some hills.  Surprisingly the hills were the best part of the workout but clearly I’m getting a head of myself.

I’ve been playing around with recovery drinks and stumbled upon Vega through this gal’s blog.  They have a line for sports so I’ve been trying their one-of packs for pre and post workouts and finally splurged on the big cans.  I’m really excited about the pre-workout one since my stomach may or may not be broken I like the option of an easy liquid pre-workout.

Verdict is still out on these but what I can tell you is that you really should use the pre-workout one pre-workout and the recovery one after.  I sort of messed this one up for the workout.  I know… shaking my head.

I was in a hurry when I left in the AM and packed these two in Tupperware one with a red top and one with blue.  I thought I should mark them but told myself I’d remember which one was which:  clearly a fail.

When I looked in my workout bag my mind when blank and I thought the red lid must match recovery… you know “r”ed and “r”ecovery.  I think in reality I matched the blue lid with the blue can which didn’t help me one bit seeing I had not idea what color was on either can.  Confused yet?  I am.

Long story long partway through my “pre-drink” I realized it was the wrong one.  No wonder my stomach felt off.

Oh well, nothing I can do now.  Damage is done.  To be honest my stomach has been such a mess lately not sure it mattered.

Okay… the running.

I was set to go with group 4 (6:32s) but my coach told me 4A (6:44).  I protested since our weekend temp was 6:32s but he reminded me that we would be running up hills.

Our same group from the last few workouts gathered and I had a feeling we’d be fast anyways so I stopped my protest.

We ran a quick lap and then were off to Cowen Park and some hills.

Mile one was downhill and we were fast, 6:28.  I was a bit nervous but knew the hills on the backside of park would slow us down and they did 6:58.

This second mile just about killed me.  The uphill was hard and my legs were dead. The downhill didn’t offer much relief since we were on a trail I had a hard time staying connected to the group.  I’ve taken more than one spill downhill on a trail so I don’t really like running fast down them.

I still managed to say with the group and we finished our last mile (mostly downhill but a little up) in 6:35 for a 6:39 average.

And I was done.  My lungs were desperately trying to leave my body but I managed to pull it together, jog 12 minutes and find the group for some hill sprints.

We had 5 reps lasting around 45 seconds with about 20 second recovery.  I managed to stay with the group which included people from faster pace groups so I was pleased and a little bit surprised to feel so strong on them.

Finished-up the night with and easy 2 mile cool down (and my pre-run drink).

I knew this workout would be tough because it was the first one after having run hard on Saturday and because it was warm, but all in all it went really well.

Now if can just get this nutrition thing figured out.

Anyone try Vega before?  Your thoughts?  Verdict is still out for me on this one…

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3 comments on “Wednesday Night Speed: Combo workout 20 minute hilly tempo 5 x 45 sec hills

  1. Renee
    July 23, 2012

    Sounds like a great workout!

    I just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Very Inspirational Blogger award. All the details can be found on my blog I love hearing about your workouts and they inspire me to start running hard again post baby.

    • robyn
      July 30, 2012

      Thank you! So excited you’re having a baby!!! When are you due?

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