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Week in Review: Races and tempo runs and long runs oh my!

Week in Review:  Races and tempo runs and long runs oh my!

July 2-8

It was a busy busy week!

Monday is usually reserved for rest, but since I was racing at midnight on Tuesday I wanted to get a few miles in (I don’t like taking the day off before a race or hard workout).

I did a little yoga in the afternoon (much much needed) and an easy misty 4 in the PM with my sprint mechanics.

Tuesday I ran my first 5k in a year an a half:  19:22!  And second place female (sort-of), yay!

I'm in red and Alicia is in the gray...

I’m in red and Alicia is in the gray..

In true Seattle style I won this little gem:

2nd 🙂 ?

I guess I technically ran my 2 mile warm-up on Tuesday the race on Wednesday and my cool down on Wednesday… so I took the rest of the 4th off.

Summer officially arrived on the 4th (well it didn’t rain) and the heat and sunshine arrived on Thursday.

I ran an easy 8.5 on Thursday morning sunshine, it was beautiful but the legs were sore.  I picked-up this DVD earlier in the week:

And started on the Thursday restorative session.  This DVD has workouts for 6 days a week with a short and long version for each.  I chose the short and really liked it.  I have two other blissology DVDs and love them.

Friday morning I was feeling much better, I ran 20 minutes and did some sprint mechanics and called it day since I was planning on heading to the track on Saturday morning for a little tempo run.

And tempo we did, 4 whole miles.  It was hard, and hot but we managed 6:32s.  I was surprised since this was my first time with two hard workouts in a week in months but I was very, very pleasantly surprised.

I was totally optimistic for my Sunday long run.  I drove north to meet some friends, the hot air balloons were out.

… okay so the light was red when I took this (silly iPhone) and those little dots are balloons…

It all started fine, but then went terribly wrong and I had no escape route since I didn’t really know where I was.

I managed to limp through 13 miles at 8:11’s in high 70 degree weather and I realized I need slower friends.  For realz, I like to go much slower than low eights on my long runs, especially if I’m running tempo’s on Saturday.

I got back to my house, put my legs up the wall and played fetch with this little gal (watching her for a friend).

Later that night we went for a walk… think she enjoyed it?

Full week for me.  It was a nice week to add a race, second workout and long run since it’s my off week for weights.  Oh… and it was even nicer now that summer finally showed up.  Thank you!  Can’t complain about the warmer running!

Total miles: 40.5 (upward trend!)

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One comment on “Week in Review: Races and tempo runs and long runs oh my!

  1. XLMIC
    July 21, 2012

    Blissology…thinking I could use that in my life. And wowza…I only break 20 in my dreams…well, I only break 24 in my dreams too 😛

    Hope things are going well 🙂

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