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Saturday morning tempo: 4 miles

Saturday morning tempo:  4 miles 

July 7th

What?  A second workout?  You knew it was going to have to happen eventually.  Why not after my first race of the summer?  I hope this is a good idea.

Now for a little background (so you don’t think I’m totally insane or totally obsessive compulsive – just a little), I’m not the type of girl to dive into two workouts a week. I take my two-week break and ease back into this whole running thing.  After at least three solid weeks of Wednesday night track workout I’ll add the second workout.

Saturday mornings are always tempos.  When I was training for CIM in 2010 they could range from 5 miles to 12 with some faster miles towards the end.  Last summer when I was coming back from my foot injury I ended-up running with the high school girls and we kept the runs under 4.5 miles.

I arrived bright and early hoping to see one of the gals from group 4 or 4A but no luck.  There was a large group of guy marathons doing a 7 mile tempo or something at like 5:45 pace and then there was a large group of high school cross-country girls.

There were three of us who didn’t fit: a college rower and master runner (and me).  Lucky for us we were all about the same pace… well our master runner is usually faster but he was coming off of some down time.

The workout called for 4 miles and we were shooting for 6:44 with the last half-mile faster (our coach usually has us run the last .5 – 2 miles faster… something about our mitochondria becoming more efficient… I guess that makes you faster or something).  I trust the guy and follow directions well so speed-up we will.

I had a sneaky suspicion we’d be fast, the master guy usually runs with 3 or 3A.  We started with a lap on the track and then ran down to Greenlake.

It’s about 3/4 of a mile to GL (downhill) and then you run part of the outside loop, a little on the inside (when the outside loop gets choppy) and then finish at Super Jock and Jill.

I felt good to start which surprised me seeing how I’d raced on Tuesday/Wednesday.  Mile one: 6:35.  Okay a little fast, but no need to panic, the first lap had been on the track and the rest had been downhill.

At this point the college rower and I were talking (I know I’m just as surprised).

Mile 2 flew by in a 6:39.  Okay, settling.  About halfway into mile 3 I had to stop chatting (uh since I was breathing too hard).  The rower kept chatting and I was amazed, maybe she should run cross-country?  Or maybe I need add the erg to my cross training?

6:33.  Or maybe we just need to slow down?  Mile three was hard but when my watch beeped I told myself I only had to feel this way for less than 7 minutes.  I could do that… right?

Oh, but we were going to pick it up… right.  I’m not sure when we picked it up.  I really couldn’t tell, it was just all hard.  The master runner started to pull away and I tried to match his speed.  We finished in 6:16 with the final .5 at about 6:11.

Average?  6:32s (26.07).  6:32s are not the same as 6:44, in case you were wondering.

Still, it felt hard it felt good (well the last mile and half weren’t the most amazing miles of my life, but they were supposed to be hard).

We made our way back to the track, jogged another mile and called it a day.  I was surprised how good my legs felt after the tempo, much more recovered than normal.  I’ll take.  Maybe I really am ready for two hard workouts a week.

Okay, I’m not good at conclusions… so until next time…

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