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Happy Birthday America, I’ll run a 5k

And so I ran a 5k.  It’s been a few years.  It was hard.

As you know by now (hopefully), the 4th of July fell on a Wednesday night this week and while I love me a Wednesday night speed workout I had no plans on attending one on America’s b-day.  Luckily people like to run 5ks to celebrate things (I know it’s kind-of weird right?).

I had two options, one on Wednesday morning that’s flat and fast and one on Tuesday night (11:55PM start) and hilly… and well at midnight.

I chose the later.  Brilliant.

Okay, I’m being a bit dramatic.

I hadn’t run a 5k since February 2011 so I was trying to ease back into it.  If you’ve run a 5k before you’ll know it’s not easy to ease back into such a short race if you’ve been running marathons.

I knew it was going to hurt so I wanted to pick a fun course and a fun event.  The Firecracker 5000m runs around Seattle Center, it starts and midnight-ish on the eve of America’s birthday AND they encourage you to dress up.  Game on.

I’m in and I figured it would be good practice for Hood to Coast, because yes it was on the hilly side of things, yes it was in the middle of the night and yes the roads were on the bumpy side of smooth.

Oh… and the t-shirts glow in the dark!

Okay… clearly not glowing in this pic…

Back to the race.

My friend and I made it to the start in time for a little warm-up run, some stretching and strides (she made me run strides, I was fine just starting on the start line).

The race started under the lights of Memorial Stadium which created a fun start (and finish) area.

You’ll be shocked (not really) to know I did not have a race plan.  I saw one of the gals from my pace group (from last Wednesday’s workout) we were talking race strategy.  I told her my plan was to start too fast, really slow down and then try to finish because that’s what always seems to happen.

And happen it did… sort of.

My first mile was too fast but in my defense it was slightly downhill and then up hill which shows just how fast I started because I ran a 6:03.

I kept trying to slow down but it was hard.  I’m glad I had my gamin on because the first mile marker was off by a little… and by a little I mean my watch chimed at 6:03 and the mile marker was at 6:36.

My watch isn’t always on but I was pretty sure it was right this time.

The first mile was a twisting and turning ride (as was the whole race).  Since it was dark we just kept turning from one street to the next.



I could tell I’d slowed down mile two but it was also our hilliest mile.  It felt like we would turn corner and then be on a hill and then turn the corner and be on another hill and so on and so forth.

The two-mile marker was pretty accurate.  I ran a 6:28.  Not bad with the hills and I stayed with the people around me.

I’m not sure how I found some kick at the end but mile 3 was a 6:09 which I’ll take.  It had some uphill and downhill and of course lots of twists and turns.

I finished in 19:22 (19:24 officially because the chip timing started when the gun fired).

I’m okay with the time.  Honestly I wanted to be closer to 19 but I was having a hard time during the race.  We hadn’t even made it out of the stadium and I was feeling tired and like I didn’t want to push hard.

From what I could tell I was the 4th place female but the gal (from my group) finished ahead of me but she didn’t have a chip (bandit!).

At the finish they game me the second place award (my friend was 3rd).

2nd 🙂 ? And yes Jerome the gnome made the pick 🙂

I figured the other gal in front of me had dropped out/not finished/or was a bandit.  When I looked online the next day I was 3rd… hmm… but the gal that was second (online) was in my age group but the girl I saw in front of me was A LOT younger than me (or she has an amazing skin care system that she must share with the world).  Confused?  I am.

So who knows.  The race people had a good 30-45 minutes to figure out the results because my friend and I took our sweet time on our cool down (for realz my co-worker was there and they called our names to podium like 10 time).

What I do know?

I'm in red and Alicia is in the gray...

I finally got to test out my sparkle skirt in a fast race and I loved it!  Bring on Hood to Coast!
Overall this was a super fun event and I plan on running it again next year.  It was a nice way to jump back into racing.
Second place gal, if for some reason you stumble upon this post please let me know and I will send you this coffee thing (um… it might be slightly used by then but I promise to take very, very (VERY) good care of it)… and could you possibly share your skin care routine?  For realz?
Did you race on the 4th?  Were your results as confusing as mine?  Do you prefer midnight or 8AM running?
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Here are the gamin details.
View Splits
Avg Pace
Summary 19:22.3 3.12 6:12
1 6:03.8 1.00 6:04
2 6:28.1 1.00 6:28
3 6:10.0 1.00 6:10
4 :40.4 0.12 5:30

4 comments on “Happy Birthday America, I’ll run a 5k

  1. Renee
    July 10, 2012

    Great job on your race. I’m running a 4 mile trail run this weekend at starts at 9 pm. I ran it last year and it’s pretty fun. It’s mostly light, but the last people spend a lot of the run in the dark. Last year, I finished just as it was getting dark.

    • robyn
      July 14, 2012

      That sounds like a blast! Love an evening race and on a trail sounds amazing!

      Good luck!

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