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Week in Review: I don’t know where Summer is…

Week in Review:   I don’t know where Summer is…

June 25-July 1

Dear Summer,

We miss you.  Please come back.

xoxo- Robyn

I know the rest of the country is in the midst of a heat wave, but the pacific northwest did not get invited to the dance.

Here’s our forecast:

I stole this from my friend’s Facebook page… so I don’t know the source… sorry if I stole it from you.

Monday actually felt like February.  It was once again my day off.  I’d really wanted to go to yoga (one of my summer 2012 goals) but instead I had to go eat radioactive oatmeal and lay on a table for 2 hours while they (and by they I mean this lab tech in training) took pictures of my stomach.


I was pretty bummed after the appointment (not that they had any new news for me) but this little package arrived in the mail for me and brightened my day (yes I absolutely needed purple shorts and an elephant necklace).

… just a little retail therapy. I love you Jcrew.

Tuesday was more of the same (weather wise… not shopping wise).  I managed to sleep in and as I drove into work my car said it was 52 degrees.  I could barely see through my windshield it was raining so hard.

I did manage a run after work in almost dry weather.  I ran 3 miles because my foot was a bit on the sore side.  I skipped sprint mechanics because I’m on the balls of my feet for them and I was nervous about my foot (hmm… not so good at this goal thing…)

For some reason Wednesday always proves to be the nicest night of the week.  We had a mini break from the floodgates and actually ended-up with a warm night (by pacific northwest standards).

The workout was a combo.  It was the second of three 5k workouts.  We ran a 3 mile tempo run followed by an easy 12 minute jog and then 5 x 300m with 90 sec recovery.

My legs were tire but all in all it went well.  I do so very much love a Wednesday night.

My foot felt a little sore during the workout but oddly enough it was okay with all the pounding from the 300m repeats.  I opted to play things safe and biked on Thursday for 45 minute and then lifted (yep… check off one of my summer goals).

Friday I figured I should rest as well and I was also surprisingly tired.  I thought about running after work but crashed instead.

Saturday morning I met my friend Jules for our long run.  I didn’t look at my plan at all during the week so I was a bit surprised by the 15 miles it told me I had to run.  Not sure about the distance I started with Jules and figured I’d see how I felt.

Saturday morning looked more like fall but it was surprisingly warm and even more surprising humid.

Jules ran 10 (she’s coming back after baby number 2).  I dropped her off at Top Pot with her kidos and hubs and made my way back to where we had started our run.

I was tired, it was SO humid (okay for Seattle) and I went around in circles in my head about how far to go.  I finally decided I’d run the 15 but around 12 I changed my mind, turned around and ended on 13.

I could have forced the last 2 miles and been fine, but I was tired and I was planning on running a 5k on Tuesday night.   On top of that it’s so early in this training schedule I knew it wouldn’t mater.  Sorry schedule, you lose this time.

Ran and easy 6 on Sunday and called it a week.

I know summer will come soon… clearly she’s fashionably late, but I’ve got some purple shorts to wear so she better hurry up.

Sunday evening… signs that summer is in fact on her way…

Think I forgot to post my weekly mileage last week… 41 and backed off this week to 33.

Hope you are all surviving the heat.

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2 comments on “Week in Review: I don’t know where Summer is…

  1. Amanda@Runninghood
    July 7, 2012

    No kidding about the summer delay here in the PNW. But we finally have it in Portland! It started on the 4th…right in time for my marathon. 🙂 Hope it stays. But now time to complain about the 90 degree heat. ha ha. 🙂

  2. robyn
    July 9, 2012

    I know we just got some sun on the 4th so I can’t complain… well you’re right until it’s too hot lol! I will say my long run this weekend was more challenging (thanks to the heat). But happy it’s finally here! Oh no! Is your marathon this weekend?

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