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Week in Review: Snooze… not the most exciting week of my life

Week in Review:  Snooze… not the most exciting week of my life

June 18-24

Not going to lie, this was a hard but boring week. (Don’t say I didn’t warn ya…)

Work had been nonstop for weeks then the trip to Indy and the scope and my head was spinning.  I hadn’t expected to find anything wrong with my stomach, in fact I was going to cancel the appointment.  I entered the week a bit on the run down side of things.

I wasn’t ready to start work on Monday and as a result I somehow managed to miss yoga.

That’s my perfectly packed Lululemon yoga bag at 6:00PM Monday night.  It somehow managed not to follow me into work on Monday (insert super sad face).

I could have really used the yoga, but everything happens or a reason.  Right?

I got up early on Tuesday and did some at home yoga.  It wasn’t as good.

About the only sparkling moment of my week was when I found out my Hood to Coast legs, but since that’s such exciting news, and this was such a lame week, you’re just going to have to wait for it’s very own special post.

I ran on the waterfront on Tuesday night with a group from my church.  It was the first sunny day in the pacific northwest in like forever.

We had a nice group.  It was a little bit slower than I’m used to but I couldn’t complain.  It was the first time our group ran together and it was nice meeting new people (and my legs were sore so I didn’t mind slowing down).

After everyone left I stuck around and did some sprint mechanics in the park.

Stated here…

… and just went back and forth.

I looked crazy.

But I didn’t care, the sun was shining and I was running.  And the view was okay.

Wednesday was my welcome back to the track.  The workout was hard (3.5 mile tempo run followed by 4 x 400m repeats- only 60 sec recovery).  I ended-up running alone, which was a bummer but I really can’t complain.  It’s nice to have a group to run with, even when people are missing from my pace group.

I managed to drag myself out of bed on Thursday morning for an easy run.  It was pretty sure I’d broken my calves the night before, but to my surprise they worked and I wasn’t as sore as a thought I’d be.

It wasn’t so bad outside either.

I lifted weights after work on Thursday and managed a few miles on Friday.

Saturday I ran a few more with some sprint mechanics and then I finished the week of with a blissful 14 mile run.

I opted to run the 14 on my own.  It’s the longest I’d run in months and didn’t want to push the pace.  It was hilly but felt good.  Okay so my foot was a little sore but I made it through.  It was a drizzly gray morning which meant no one was out, which also meant it was quiet and I just couldn’t pass-up the opportunity.

I needed that quiet with everything going on.  I needed those two hours to clear my mind.  And it worked.

Capped the week off with some weight lifting.

Are you bored yet?  I pretty much just bored myself to sleep… so until next time.

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2 comments on “Week in Review: Snooze… not the most exciting week of my life

  1. Renee
    July 2, 2012

    I must be a nerd, because I actually enjoyed your recap…

  2. robyn
    July 5, 2012

    Yay! I’m glad you enjoyed it! It was kind of a slow week but I can’t complain 🙂

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