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Wednesday Night Speed: Combo workout 3.5 mile progression 4 x 400m

Wednesday Night Speed:  Combo workout 3.5 mile progression 4 x 400m

June 20th

My stomach and I were not on the same page for this workout… not even close.

Since learning of my possible broken stomach I’ve been trying to take extra good care of it, you know, avoid foods it doesn’t like, eating small easily digestible foods including the more liquid forms of food.

I thought I had a pretty good plan on Wednesday, but my stomach and I were in disagreement.  When I stated my workout I looked about 3 months pregnant with a nice little food belly.

I tried to calculate where I went wrong but gave up and settled into my normal warm-up trying my best not to obsess over my stomach.

I made my way back to the track and waited for others to show up, and they did, just none of the others I know.

We lined up for pace groups… 5A, 5, 4A… 4A?  I was alone…. 4… 4?  Again no one.   3A… 3A… hmmm some split 3 and 3A people (making sort-of a hybrid group), but still significantly faster than my current pace.  I was all alone: 3.5 miles of tempo alone.

Really not awesome or amazing.  It was also our warmest workout to date:  this will be interesting.

My coach looked at me sympathetically but what could he do?  When no one shows up, no one shows up.

Before I knew it we were off and running.  Dear stomach, we can do this… right?

I wasn’t sure what to do… do I try to stay with this 3A/3 hybrid?  Probably not, but then I’m all alone.  I hung off just a bit from them for a lap and then we were off the track.  I followed them through the streets of Greenlake but it wasn’t long before I lost them.  Not because the pulled away but because I had to pause for traffic.  It was for the best.

Guess I am now on my own.

Here we go.

The tempo was a progression run, getting faster as we go.  This workout was the first of three 5k workouts and then we’re moving on to some 8k/10k workouts.

Here’s the plan- I was aiming for 4A.

Group 3 6:16 6:08 6:00 2:55 77
Group 3A 6:28 6:20 6:12 3:01 80
Group 4 6:40 6:32 6:24 3:08 82
Group 4A 6:52 6:44 6:36 3:15 83

Aim as I might for 4A it was hard starting behind the faster group.  My first mile was 6:39.  I knew I was fast but I hadn’t looked at the group 4 times so I just figured I’d try to speed-up a little for each of the following miles.

I don’t remember increasing my pace but I ran 6:36 for my second mile.  I was feeling okay but was glad I had only a mile and a half left.  I knew I could run for another 10 or 11 minutes.

6:29, mile 3.  And it hurt.  It was a nice night (after days of rain) so there were lots of people were walking around Greenlake.  People must have thought I was insane gasping for air but I knew I only had a half mile left.

3:11 (6:22) pace.  Finished in 22:57 (6:34 pace) and I was happy to be done.  Sort of… remember this is a combo workout.  There were some 400m repeats waiting for me back at the track.

We had an easy 12-15 minute jog back to the track.  I spent that time wondering if I’d just run too fast to finish this thing.  One of the group 3 guys dropped back and encouraged me.  I knew I’d start the quarters and go from there.

I also knew that my first tempo workout always felt harder than it should especially on my own.

4A was running 83s which honestly sounded fast.  We only had 60 seconds of recovery.  Yikes.  I mean YIKES!

I was one of the last people to start and finish the workout.  My first quarter was an 87.  I went through the 200 on pace but backed off a bit.  It was hard and I was concerned about the last 3.

60 seconds and I was off again.  85. 83. 82.  I still can’t believe I was getting faster but my legs somehow managed to find their speed.

I was done though at the end.  My normal 2-3 mile cool down was capped at a mile.

This workout beat me I only hoped my calves would work the rest of the week.  And I really hope a few 4 or 4A people show up next weeks.  Wednesday night speed is not as much fun alone.

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