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Week in Review: The week I learned that one can actually break one’s stomach

Week in Review:  The week I learned that one can actually break one’s stomach

June 11th-17th

We’ll that explains a lot, the diagnosis of my broken stomach that is, but since I didn’t get this news until Friday, you’re just going to have to live through the Monday-Thursday recap (or you can skip all the pics and read ahead… I can’t stop you.)

Monday was not a normal Monday.  No yoga, no commute, nope I was off to Indy for work.

I should have picked yoga over coffee.

Indy was pretty muggy and overcast but the view from my hotel was nice.

There’s a baseball game going on.

And there was a little bit of a sunset.

The change to eastern time is brutal, but I managed to get up bright and early.  I’ve been to Indy before and was excited to run in White River State Park.

I ran a  nice and easy 4 mile loop.  My legs were still really (and I mean really) sore from weight lifting on Sunday.  I really needed Monday yoga (okay I could have spent sometime stretching but no one’s perfect).

It was a really perfect morning for a run.  I brought my Nuun with me and went through and entire bottle… yep a full bottle in 4 miles, that’s humidity for ya.

Monday was a full day of meetings.  I tried to get to sleep earlier but that’s easier said then done when your body is still on pacific coast time.

My alarm when off at 5:45 in the morning, not bad right?  But my garmin was there to remind me that it was 2:45 at home… ouch.

I managed a warm-up with this gal (this pic was taken on Thursday.. proof that I survived Wednesday’s workout and yes I’m still smiling).

The workout called for 8 x 2 minutes with a 1 minute recovery.  I’d run this workout 2 years before in Indy and it did not go well. You can read all the details in my last post but the good news is I made it through and though it felt hard it was good.

I was happy the run was done and ready to enjoy the rest of the conference (and all the meetings).

Lauren (my friend in the pic above) and I ran again on Thursday morning.  The weather was really amazing.

I just think it’s nice to know it actually is summer somewhere.

Goodbye Indy, it’s been real.

The good thing about leaving the eastern time zone for the pacific is that you do in fact get those 3 hours back so the hubs and went and lifted weights on Thursday night.

Okay so Friday, Friday, Friday.  Here’s the short of it: my stomach is (most likely) broken.  Okay so that’s not the medical term.  The medical term is gastroparesis… ever heard of it?

Basically I had an upper GI scope on Friday and thank the good lord there was no need for general anesthesia this go around just local (which seriously is amazing after endured general).

Anyways during the scope I guess my stomach never emptied and it’s supposed to do that on a regular basis.  The nerve that causes my stomach to contract and empty doesn’t appear to doing its job… I mean really.

The docs still need to confirm the diagnosis so I get to go and eat radioactive oatmeal while smart doctors watch my stomach empty for 2 whole hours.  Awesome.  Some girls have all the luck.

Enough on my stomach and its lack of contractions, but I promise more updates after my oatmeal ordeal.

More running (and a little style).

Saturday I met-up with one of my besties who just had a baby (not that you could tell).

Jules and me.  We are running NWM together in Oct.

Sunday I went long (11 miles) with another friend and we were fast!  It was hard.  But thank goodness Monday is a rest day.  I capped the training week off with weights on Sunday night.  Can you tell weight lifting is one of my summer goals?  Along with sprint mechanics (one of my other summer goals)… forgot to mention I did those on Tuesday and Saturday.

Okay… that’s it… I’m off to feed my broken stomach.

weekly total:  33 miles

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