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Wednesday Night Speed: It’s a fartlek- 8 x 2 mins

Wednesday Night Speed:  It’s a fartlek- 8 x 2 mins

June 13th

So this was really Wednesday morning speed and by morning I mean OMG THIS IS TOO EARLY TO RUN FAST!

I was on the road in Indy for work.  I know most people would take a week off from speed but I’m a sucker for running fast in a new city.  What can I say I like to run fast.  True story.

I was really optimistic about this workout because last week’s went surprisingly well, however I remember running the same workout 2 years ago in the same city and well things just didn’t go that well. (Seriously who remembers workouts from two years ago?  What’s wrong with me?)

This last memorable workout included me stopping and walked after a few reps and me having to break the last few reps into one minute repeats (I mean really why can’t I just walk away from a workout?  Really.  There’s got to be a support group for this…)

This week I had a plan and that plan included some of these goodies:

Grape to be specific.  Yes this week of running fueled by some grape nuun!  (And I promise a giveaway is coming soon!)

And I promise there is grape nuun in this… promise.

Wednesday morning:  I’d forgotten Indy was on EST so my watch read 2:45AM.  Yikes!  It was still dark out but the sun was up by the time we got started.

I ran the warm-up with this gal:

Lauren is on the right… and yes I am rocking my new Oiselle gear 🙂

This pic was taken on Thursday’s run because I didn’t want to sweat all over my phone on Wednesday.  On a side note I was Lauren’s high school track coach, crazy right?  She’s looking for a job… so if you know anyone who’s hiring she ROCKS!

Okay.  The workout.

The warm-up was awesome and I was ready to run.  The workout was 8 x 2 minutes with a one minute recovery and I was supposed to start out slower than normal because of the humidity (we don’t really get humidity in the great pacific northwest).  I took off running and quickly settled into an easy but challenging pace (does that even make sense?)

I think the first rep was around 6:30-35 pace.  An easy quick minute recovery and I was off again.  I checked my watch about a minute into it to see where I was at and was nicely greeted with a completely blank screen.




Don’t panic.  People have been running for years, decades without Garmins.  I can do this… right?  Right?!

I guessed the two-minute mark and turned around.  I had to guess rep 3 as well but by the end of 3 I was at the end of the first rep and figured I’d just run back and forth since I knew the distance of rep one (I just had to guess the rest time since the first minute of rest was sent at a stoplight… not much for running lights… I didn’t want to die in Indy during a workout because I was trying to beat the light.  I do have some standards).

The remaining reps were hard but I managed.  I confess it was hard not having my watch but it was nice going based on effort, even if that effort left me gasping for air and hoping my lungs wouldn’t give out on me.

The best part?  This workout was clearly better than my previous attempt and I think I was in better shape 2 years ago.  So overall a success.

Managed an easy 3 mile cool down and then locked myself in conference rooms for the rest of the day (yes death by meeting).

Was glad I started the day off right:

Anyone else run hard workouts on the road?  Am I just completely insane?

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