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Week in Review: This is how we rest (week 2… of 2)

Week in Review:  This is how we rest (week 2… of 2)

May 28 – June 3

Week 2 of rest (and yes there are only 2 weeks of rest).  The coach is a bit more flexible during week 2 of rest.  Here are the rules:

1.  NO speed (sad face)

2.  NO long run (more sad faces)

3.  Run when you feel like you want to.

That’s it… not too hard right?

Monday was a holiday so no yoga.  I hit the gym with another sweat free 15 minutes on the bike and one set of weights (with hardly any weight) and 15 more sweatless minutes on the bike.  Easy.

Tuesday… pure joy.

Yep… those are some yellow wave rider 15s 🙂

And it was the perfect morning for a run.


I kept the run short, 3 miles.  They weren’t that fast but it didn’t matter, just happy to be outdoors again and moving (I know it had only been a week… dramatic much?  I’m mean… really).

My we was going to be a crazy one so I managed another easy 3 plus sprint mechanics on Wednesday and rested on Thursday and Friday.

Yep, I said sprint mechanics.  I’m starting to set some summer goals and one of them is to lose my marathon shuffle… enter old sprint mechanic warm-up drills from the late 90s.  And yes they are still pure gold.  We’ll save that for another post.

We all know I like to celebrate non running by online shopping so I ordered these goodies from Oiselle (you had me at secret):

Saturday I managed 6 miles (plus sprint mechanics) and followed it up with a few miles to and from my weight workout (another one of my summer goals is to get stronger- 2 sets this time).  My coach says no long run for 14 days which means I usually run 12 on day 14… so I think that might be cheating?  Maybe?  I kept my running total to 10 very easy miles because I trying to take my rest serious… seriously.

Saturday was another great running weather day in the PNW.

So much green!

I know, its ridiculously awesome.

Sunday I kept things like with an easy 45 min run.

21 miles total for the week.  Normally I’d shoot for 25 so I think I did good (taking things easy that is…)

So my second (and final) recovery week is in the books.  I’m feeling pretty rested though a bit sore from weights but it’s a good kind of sore.

Next week an (easy) return to speed.

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2 comments on “Week in Review: This is how we rest (week 2… of 2)

  1. XLMIC
    June 9, 2012

    Glad you are feeling rested…as you should 🙂 Other than that…feeling good post-surg? Do your Oiselle goodies fit perfectly? Are you loving your Mizunos? I have the WR15 in the ruby red 🙂

    • robyn
      June 11, 2012

      RUBY RED! How did I not know this… I must invest! Love the Mizunos. I haven’t had foot issues since I ran in them. Tried the Brooks Pure this week and my foot started to feel funny again so looks like I’ll have to break-up with them.

      Love my Oiselle but it did take me a few tries to figure out my sizing. I have a few pairs of their shorts and I’m different sizes in the (up a size in the Roga- I just don’t like the tight). Love the Ts think I can do two sizes in these too… maybe it’s just me 🙂

      Feeling good post surgery… one more minor thing at the end of this week (trying to figure out my stomach issues… lucky me)

      How are you doing? Did I see you have a hip or hamstring bugging you? So excited for htc… its starting to feel like summer in the PNW!

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