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Week in Review: This is how we rest (week one)

Week in Review:  This is how we rest (week one)

May 21-27

And now we rest… sort of.

After a frustrating half marathon I was ready for a little rest.  One way to make sure you take your much-needed rest is to schedule a surgery for the day after you race.  Okay maybe not the best recovery plan.

Monday kicked off rest week one with a minor surgery.  I won’t go into details (it wasn’t a big deal) but it did require general anesthesia (which surprising isn’t fun).

I’ve been under general anesthesia before so I remember it wasn’t a walk in the park, but I don’t really remember how horrible you feel afterwards (the reason for this is that with all my other surgeries I was usually sedated the following day).  Needless to say Monday was not the highlight of my life.

The anti nausea patch they gave made my vision go all weird (like blurry edges of and instagram photo weird) but I eventually made my way back to the office on Wednesday (maybe not the best idea ever…)

I’m pretty sure this little bundle of joy arrived sometime between Monday and Thursday:

Yay Nuun!  Planning a little give away (if I can figure out how to do a give away) so stay tuned for that fun… (seriously though it might take me a while to figure this out… there are some things in life I’m REALLY slow at… really…)

Okay… focus.

Normally after a training cycle (16-18 weeks) I’ll take 2 weeks off, but since my injury last year that has not happened (guess I’m making-up for lost time?).  I tried to back off in December but I’m pretty sure I cheated.  Okay I know I cheated…

Surgery doesn’t let you cheat.  My coach calls for 3-5 days of no running.  It doesn’t seem like a lot… but you know how obsessive runners are… guilty.  My doctor called for 14 days off but my husband negotiated down to 7 when I was still totally out of it (he pretty awesome).

I opted to do nothing except some easy walks for 5 days.  But by Saturday I was getting restless.

So the hubs and I headed to the gym.  I was eager to start lifting again and decided I’d switch-up my lifting plan this summer.  My doctor was clear I wasn’t supposed to do anything hard so after 15 sweatless minutes on the bike I lifted light (one set) just to go through the motions.

I did some easy abs at the end (another summer goal… the abs part not the easy part… taking it easy… doctors orders).

Stared at the ceiling a lot and then walked home.

I rested Sunday and poisoned myself with some gluten and cheese… it was worth it… just sayin…

This is the U of O cheese burger… I just couldn’t pass it by… Thank you Lodge… my new favorite spot.

Rest week one done… and I survived, maybe not ideal but it wasn’t so bad either.

Note to self… no more surgeries.

run pretty run fast (and rest!!!!)


4 comments on “Week in Review: This is how we rest (week one)

  1. XLMIC
    June 2, 2012

    Be good to your post-surgeried self! You’ll be back at it and going strong in no time 🙂

    • robyn
      June 7, 2012

      I promise to be on my very very bestest behavior (lets just say I already learned the hard way once what happens when you don’t take enough time off after surgery and rush back into things… lesson learned the very very hard way :))

      • XLMIC
        June 7, 2012

        I hate learning things the hard way…but seem to learn a lot that way! How are you doing now?

      • robyn
        June 9, 2012

        I know right! I’m doing great easing back into things… ran a bit last week and this week- including and easy track workout. Still taking things slow 🙂

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