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Week in Review: The week I forgot to run.

Week in Review:  The week I forgot to run.

May 14-20

It was a long week.

A long, long, long week.

Looking back I can see my planning for this race maybe wasn’t the best but originally when I signed-up for it I was running more for fun.

I’d really wanted to run a spring marathon this year because I’d missed my spring marathon last year due to an injury.  I’d also missed fall marathon season due to “the great sinus infection of 2011” (it was epic).  All hope was not lost because I was able to pace my friend Shannon in her first marathon.

So spring was supposed to bring about a little redemption but my lingering foot issues caused me to scale back my mileage and intensity and sadly my marathon dreams.

Still I needed a little motivation so I opted for Portland’s first Rock’n Roll half.

Okay enough back story.

Monday was a day off as normal but since I was in Portland (for a week-long conference) I missed my yoga class.  I figured I’d do an “at home” yoga practice but by the end of the day I was too tired and to be quite honest I’d forgotten.

Monday kicked off a 4 day training for work (as mentioned above) and it was a little intense.

Lunch time view.

I know… this looks SO intense but honestly the training part was… lunch on the other hand was clearly my favorite part of the day.

I opted to get my last workout in early Tuesday since it was hot (please note I didn’t write an individual recap on this because I was lazy… so you get all the awesome details here… lucky you).

I went to bed before the sun did and got up ridiculously early (for me).

I managed a 2.5 mile warm-up and was ready to run 4 miles at goal race pace.  My coach told me he wanted me to run 6:44’s but I was planning on 6:52’s since that was my goal race pace (sometimes I’m not so sure about his running math skills).

The first mile felt okay.  It was 6:55 and to be honest I don’t really remember it (remember it was REALLY early).

The second mile was an entirely different story. I ran 6:57 but it felt like 5:57 (and I was breathing like it was 5:57).  I still can’t tell you what happened but it wasn’t pretty.  I think there might have been a gradual hill on that mile but still doesn’t account for how hard it was.

The last two miles had some downhill (hence the faster splits- 6:42 and 6:38).  I actually don’t remember if those miles felt fast or not.

What I do remember is that if I plan on running fast early in the morning I’m clearly going to need a little more practice… think I might stick to my Wednesday night speed sessions in the future.

Here are the details:

Avg Pace
Summary 27:20.0 4.02 6:48
1 6:55.3 1.00 6:55
2 6:57.4 1.00 6:57
3 6:42.4 1.00 6:42
4 6:38.3 1.00 6:38
5 :06.6 0.02 6:05

I cooled down and headed back to conference.

Another nice lunch time view…

I didn’t feel bad after the workout, the cool down was even easy.

Wednesday I managed a few miles and still felt good.

… and lunch time was good…

And then Thursday it happened.

The fourth and final conference day.  We finished up and I was headed back to my parents after a long week.  I was happy to go home and rest.  And then I started to think something was off… it was like I was forgetting something… oh yeah.. a run.

In my many, many years of running I’ve never forgotten I had to run.  I’m usually aware of it during the day as I think about what I’m eating and how much I’m drinking.  Not so much the case on Thursday (I ate carrots at lunch which in case you’re wondering is NOT a good pre-run snack).

I made my way through rush hour and headed out for a run (grudgingly).  I was done.  I could feel it coming over the last several weeks but this was the turning point:  I needed a break.

I did my best to shrug it off, took Friday off and did a shakeout run on Saturday but part of me was done after the 8k PR.

I haven’t taken a break since December and even that wasn’t a real break.  I figured I need to hold it together for 13 more miles and then I’d get to rest.

I managed to hold it together for 6-7 but then it unraveled.

Having a little more distance between my race and race report I know what happened:  I was over heated.  It’s not that it was that hot but it was humid and this tends to happen to me about once a year, it just usually hits during a workout.  Last year it hit at mile 5 during a 7 mile tempo (I had to walk home and the following week I did and 8 mile tempo in warmer weather just fine).  The year before it happened during a fartlek run in Cowen Park and the year before that during 2000 meter repeats on the track.

My body just needs some time to adjust to heat and humidity (this case it was the humidity).

Live and learn.  To be honest it’s not necessarily a bad thing to have happened.  I needed a break and I know myself well enough that if I had run well I would have kept pushing and skipped out on my break which in this case would have been a bad life choice… but more on that next week.

I still had a good time and would do it all over again.  The course was hilly but I liked it.  I’d say maybe next year but I’d really love to run a spring marathon… so we’ll just have to wait and see.

As for now, I’m enjoying a little rest.

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2 comments on “Week in Review: The week I forgot to run.

  1. Roya Ghorbani
    May 26, 2012

    were you at the University of Portland?!

    • robyn
      May 28, 2012

      Good eye! Yes 4 days at UP! Love the campus and that view is amazing!

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