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Rock and Roll PDX race report (spoiler alert: it was not pretty or fast)

Rock and Roll PDX race report (spoiler alert:  it was not pretty or fast)

Dear Portland Rock and Roll Half Marathon,

It’s not you, its me.

I’m not entirely certain what happened, but I will do my best to recap this rock and roll running.

The week leading up to the race had been a bit rough with a 4 day intense conference for work.  Weighing on my mind even more was the day after the race I was scheduled for a very minor surgery.  Not my first surgery but lets just say I’ve had issues with other surgeries including “minor” ones”.

Note to self do not plan a long intense work conference before your peak race and don’t schedule a surgery for the day after.

Lesson learned.

I tried my best to push those things out of my mind and focus on Sunday.

I went to the expo with my family on Friday.  Before reaching the expo we stopped at my favorite place Cafe Yumm,


Once we got the expo I found my packet and took a quick tour.  Little secret, I don’t really love expos.  There I said it.  Does that make me a bad person runner?

In line for my packet. (That’s not me in the pic… that’s the stranger in front of me)

Just look at the optimism in my eyes… so hopeful.  Okay maybe I just look tired.

Since I picked up my packet on Friday I just hung out on Saturday after a shakeout run that felt good.

Sunday was an early wake-up and we were off to the start.  The weather seemed ideal but it did feel a bit muggy and humid.  Still I wasn’t concerned, I really felt ready to race.

About 5-7 minutes before the start I found my corral and 2 of my friends.  We figured we’d run together and before I knew it we were off,

You’ll be surprised to know I actually had a race plan for this race:

The plan.

And the actual:

View Splits
Avg Pace
Summary 1:37:25.6 13.19 7:23
1 6:53.2 1.00 6:53
2 6:43.1 1.00 6:43
3 6:51.3 1.00 6:51
4 6:57.0 1.00 6:57
5 :17.7 0.04 7:09
6 7:18.6 1.00 7:19
7 7:02.5 1.00 7:03
8 7:49.6 1.00 7:50
9 7:54.5 1.00 7:55
10 7:54.4 1.00 7:54
11 8:10.5 1.00 8:10
12 7:44.1 1.00 7:44
13 7:43.1 1.00 7:43
14 7:11.8 1.00 7:12
15 :54.1 0.15 6:02

The first 4 miles weren’t as fast as they look, my watch was beeping before the mile so add a second or so.  The 6:43 was fast but it was also down hill.

Between mile 7 and 8 was where things when south.  Up too that point I was still able to talk with my friends and I felt relaxed.

Somewhere on mile 5 (the hill) I started to get the chills and it felt like I was over heating.  I hung in a few miles longer trying to ignore what I was feeling but things were quickly unraveling.

I walked through the water station at mile 8 but was still feeling sick.  The chills were getting worse.  My brother was supposed to be on the course but I couldn’t remember which mile he was going to be at so I kept plugging along.

I told myself if I saw my brother that meant I’d dnf.  If I didn’t see him I’d just keep going.

I finally saw him at mile 10 and ran over to him and stopped:  I was on the verge of a major teary breakdown.  My brother was going to take be back to the start when a girl named Liz told me she’d run with me and to not give-up.

I’m not sure why I kept going but I did.  Stranger Liz and I made it about a block and I was SO tempted to run back to my brother.  Was I make the right choice?  (It wasn’t part of my original bargaining with myself remember?  If I saw my brother I WAS going to drop out.)

It was nice to have stranger Liz there for support.  We talked ourselves through the last few miles and we were done.


I still have some mixed feelings on this one.  It was pretty unreal has quickly things went south.  The hard part is I’m not sure what I would have done differently because I really was feeling good.

I’m also very aware that not every race is perfect and that there’s always another one around the corner.

So… time for 2 down weeks to let my body heal and then bring on the summer racing, htc and a possible marathon,

I know… who am I?  I’m awesome and making questionable life choices, that’s who I am.

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7 comments on “Rock and Roll PDX race report (spoiler alert: it was not pretty or fast)

  1. XLMIC
    May 23, 2012

    I’m glad you finished it out. As you said, not every race is perfect…even when we go into one feeling pretty awesome, it can implode. Or just die a slow death…sometimes painful and sometimes oddly not. My Sunday was similar. It is in these less-than-pleasant experiences that we often derive the most insight and benefit. They make us tougher. Good job 🙂

  2. robyn
    May 26, 2012

    Thanks! I am really glad I finished as well :). And you’re right, its these experiences that make us tougher. Sorry to hear your run was similar but I’m glad you hung in there as well! Have a great weekend! And thanks again for your encouragement :)!

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  5. Erin @ Happier, Healthier, More Fit Me
    June 2, 2012

    I think there was something up last weekend….the weekend of not-so-great races…my sister and I ran a half last weekend, and it was not fun or good! Oh well. There will be others both good and bad.

    Hope you are feeling better soon!

    • robyn
      June 3, 2012

      It nice to know I’m not alone! And it’s nice to know there’s always another race (both and good and bad… keeps us coming back!)

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