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Week in Review: The hay is in the barn

Week in Review: The hay is in the barn

May 7-13

I guess this week officially kicked off “the taper” but you might have a hard time seeing it.  I’ve never tapered for a half but it sounds like you can do a shorter taper according to this guy for a half.

I figured the week would have one more solid track workout, no tempo run on Saturday and a shorter long run.  I’d scale back on my weight lifting (insert laughter- yes I’ve been lifting but I’m not sure 5-10lb 2.5-5lb weights count as lifting weights- but never the less I scaled back). (It’s okay to laugh more here).

Monday I did the usual yoga.  One of my yoga instructors (from Jasyoga) was featured on Lululemon’s blog.  She shared 5 yoga poses for runners. If you live in the Seattle area I highly, highly recommend Jasyoga.  They have classes specifically for athletes.

In addition to the yoga I opted for and easy (and I mean easy) 30 minutes on the bike to loosen my legs up after my race and long run.

Tuesday I cut my run back by a mile (I know crazy right?) and my legs felt pretty good.

Which of course brings us to Wednesday night:  the night of speed. This week called for 7 (or 8) 1000m repeats with 90 second recovery.


Okay… so I ran them a little fast but I felt relaxed and vowed to cut back the rest of the week and officially begin the taper!

Thursday I “slept” in and ran after work nice and easy.  I biked for about 20 minutes to warm-up my legs (super easy) and then ran an easy 45 minutes.

It was a beautiful evening…

… nice running on the trails…

… okay last one… promise.

Friday I logged 3 or 4 miles… and yes it was another awesome day…


Okay last one for reals…

Awesomeness again!

I took the weekend easy, slowing down the pace for another 45 minutes on Saturday and an 11.5 on Sunday.  My last long run before the race.  It was a little hilly and I found another dog on my run (that brings the count to like 7). I know, I’m like the dog whisperer.

I’m not sure if I tapered enough or trained enough but at this point my college coach would say the “hay is in the barn”.  All the work is done and there’s nothing left to do except toe that line on Sunday and trust what will be will be.

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