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Wednesday Night Speed: 7-8 x 1000 meters

Wednesday Night Speed:  7-8 x 1000 meters

May 9th

Umm… excuse me?  Did you say 7-8?  Doesn’t that seem a bit extreme?  Didn’t we just run 6?  So 7?  Yes 7, there’s no way I’m running 8.  There I said it.

The good news for me is that I raced the previous weekend.  Why you ask is this good news?  It means I get to drop back a pace group.  Now I just need to determine what pace group I’m normally in.

Last week I clearly ran group 4 so I was thinking I’d run group 4A.  But then I looked at the pace chart and quickly reconsidered my pace group selection skills.  4A was running 3:50-51 faster than my designated paces from two weeks before.  Group 5 sounded better 3:58-59.  Done.

We ran our usual stride, quarter-mile sprint and quarter-mile easy and were ready to go.


We started to gather in groups.  5A, 5, 4A, 4, 3A and so on.  The group was rather small, only two people in 5A, two in 5 (including yours truly), no one in 4A or 4 and a big group of 3As.  There were bunch of people in groups 3-1 but they were so much faster than me that I only saw them when they were speeding by me.

My group 5 buddy and I lined up and we were off, unfortunately so was my watch.  While we were grouping up it decided to turn off.  I got it working after the first 200m but had no clue how fast I was running.  Oh well just go with it.

The workout was a bit of a blur (in a good way).  I felt pretty good but since the other groups were so far ahead I couldn’t really judge my speed.  I just decide to stay relaxed and run on feel.

I ended-up running most of the reps on my own and by my third or fourth rep I was starting on my own (we only had 90 seconds recovery- crazy short).  My group 5 buddy stopped after 5 and I just kept running… all alone (sad tear).

I ended up running my reps fast (shocking) but they felt relaxed and I didn’t feel like I was pushing the pace so I tried not to over think it (shocking again).

Here are all the nerdy details:

1:?   3:06 (47, 94, 44) for the last 800m.  I’m guessing 45 or faster for the first 200m so lets say 3:51

2: 3:48 (89, 92, 46)

3:  3:49 (90, 94, 44)

4:  3:48 (90, 92, 45)

5:  3:44 (89, 91, 43)

6:  3:47 (92, 91, 43)

7:  3:39 (88, 89, 42)

So clearly struggling a bit with pace but again it didn’t feel like I was pushing the pace.  Additionally I was having trouble going out too fast and was trying to adjust during the second lap.

The night was rather windy so that was giving me some trouble as well (and I had no one to run behind!  Ugh!).

I started to get excited around the 5th rep and tried to settle down, but by the 7th rep I was ready to be done.  My last rep was just as fast as my last one from 2 weeks earlier so I’m pretty excited about this since I’d only (yeah I just said only) run 6 reps two weeks ago.

Quite possibly the best news of the night was that my cool down felt good.  Sometimes when I run a fast track workout I can feel it in my legs during the cool down but not tonight.

I guess its time to taper.  (I’m not good with conclusions…)

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3 comments on “Wednesday Night Speed: 7-8 x 1000 meters

  1. XLMIC
    May 16, 2012

    nicely done 🙂 The sky in that photo looks pretty amazing.

    • robyn
      May 18, 2012

      Thanks! Love spring nights in the northwest!

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