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Wednesday Night Speed: 20 minute tempo + hills

Wednesday Night Speed:  20 minute tempo + hills

May 2nd


I debated back and forth and back and forth and around and around if I should look at the track workout before Wednesday night.  And I caved.  I looked.  And I was relieved.

The workout ending in meters last week was good but I wasn’t quite sure if I was ready for another one, especially during a race week.

Luckily I was greeted with this:  Combo workout:  20 minute tempo with 6 times Cowan hill.  Now to decide on groups.  4A was running 6:52s and 4 was running 6:40s.

I was set to run 4A so I’m not sure how I ended up in 4.  We opted to stay on the track and I settled in behind the group.

Our little trio grew this week.  3A’s pace was on the fast side (6:16) so part of that group dropped back;  not usually good news because when someone from a faster group drops back they tend to push the pace.

And push they did.

We finished up around 6:32s.  I can’t complain though because if felt relaxed.  Towards the end the group started to pull away but I stayed steady.  I was thinking about my 8k on Saturday.

I was also thinking about how I’d just had a CT scan on Tuesday and trying to decide if my Md was right when she said I’d be okay to run in spite of the dye they’d injected in my blood.

No really, I could still taste the metal. But she said it was okay… but I sort have trouble trusting doctors (for good reason… trust me on this one).


Before I could fully process what was going on (I’m a slow thinker… clearly) I’d finished the 20 minutes and was on my way over to Cowan for hills (15 minute jog).

We started the first rep, then another and by the third hill I’d forgotten all about my upcoming 8k and was trying to keep up with the group:  6:24, 6;42, 6:20, 6;11, 6;03 and 5:54 pace.


The good new is they were slightly shorter than the last time we ran them (we’d been starting in the wrong place) but they were clearly faster.  A lot faster.

As I cooled down I hoped my legs would recover for Saturday.

Another one in the books.

Do you scale back during race week?  Or train through?  Anyone else not trust doctors?  

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