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Sunday morning combo workout: distance + pacing

Sunday morning combo workout: 16 miles with 2 x 2 miles

Sunday April 29th

Okay, so this workout might not have been coach approved but I couldn’t bring myself to run a tempo on Saturday or a race on Sunday but I still wanted a little speed so this hit the spot.

My training week had gone well but everyone around me has been sick and my body was desperately trying to fight it off.  And fight it did, come Sunday after a few rest days I was ready to run.

During marathon training we always have one or two long runs with 2 x 2 miles or 2 x 3 miles at slightly faster than marathon pace at the end.  So I figured I’d run a slightly shorter long run (10 instead of 12) and then add my pacing at the end for a total of 16 miles.

The fact that I had a 16 miler was a bit of a surprise or me, but that’s what you get when you don’t look at your training calendar until the night before your long run… oops.

My legs felt the best they’ve felt in a while (thank you flat course- Sammamish River Trail).

The whole workout was pretty blissful.  You know, ideal running weather (overcast and mid 50s).  I ran 10 and then started straight into the first 2 mile rep.  I’d like to run under 1:30 at the Portland Rock and Roll Half Marathon (May 20th) so I figured I shoot for 6:52s.  Since I’d been fighting something off I didn’t want to push too much.

I managed 6:50 and 6:46 for the first rep, jogged a half mile and finished the second two 6:46 and 6:45.  The last mile was harder than I wanted it to be.  I’d like to blame it on my Gamin, it jumped from 6:39 pace, to 6:46 to 7:00 on a flat stretch without changing my pace at all.  Ugh.  Who knows… I just tried to relax and ignore the watch.

My mile and half cool down felt great.

This workout was much easier than then 2 x 2 miles reps I did at a similar pace on the track last Saturday… go figure… but I’ll take it.

One more step towards my half, can’t believe it’s almost here!  This will be the second half marathon I’ve run so I’m pretty excited :).

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5 comments on “Sunday morning combo workout: distance + pacing

  1. RunningFarce
    May 2, 2012


  2. You’re so speedy! By the way–were you a student-athlete at UW? Do you currently work with athletes?

    • robyn
      May 4, 2012

      Thanks! I like fast workouts :). I was actually a student-athlete at the University of Oregon… I ran the 800m a million years ago :).

      I now have an identity crisis and I work at UW with student-athletes. I work in our Student-Athlete Development office (formerly life skills). Do you work in academics/athletics?

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