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Wednesday night speed: 6 x 1000 meters

Wednesday night speed: 6 x 1000 meters


April 25th

Well we all knew it would eventually happen… I just wasn’t expecting it so soon:  a real track work.  And by real I mean a track workout where the reps end in meters and not miles.

Don’t get me wrong, workouts that end in miles are real (very real), its more that I haven’t been getting along well with workouts that end with meters, which is rather unusual for me.  I typically struggle with those workouts ending in miles (aka tempos).

My struggle started back in February with a workout cut short, nbd, they happen.  But what was nbd turned in to a BD the next week when I couldn’t finish that workout.

I decided I needed a change from Wednesday night so we took a “break”.  I still ran a little speed on my own but worked on building a base again. (I was also waiting for my doc to give me the okay to train with more volume and more speed.)

My plan worked and two or three weeks ago I was persuaded to return to Wednesday night workouts with the promise of tempo runs.  Sweet… I can handle those…

I knew my time (with tempo runs) would come to an end, but I just wasn’t expecting it to end so quickly.  In hindsight I should have seen the signs (I mean 5 x 300m at the end of the previous week’s workout… how did I miss that one?)

I told myself to make it through 4 reps just to help me get out the door.

My coach likes to switch up our 1000s with different amounts of rest and different speeds.  For this week we had 2 slow (yeah right), 2 medium and 2 fast with a short recovery (90 seconds).  4A was running 3:59, 3:56, and 3:53.

As my group gathered I realized I wasn’t the only one who was bad at runners math; we couldn’t quite figure out what our splits should be so we settled on “maybe” 96s?

I’m a bit of a running nerd so please forgive all the details… but here’s the breakdown:

3:58 (93, 97, 46)

3:54 (93, 94, 47)

3:54 (94, 93, 46)

3:51 (96, 90, 44)

3:47 (91, 90, 45)

3;39 (87, 88, 43) – not my fault!  The rest of my group ran 3:36!

So we were sort-of fast.  Not as fast as group 4 but still ahead of pace.

For the most part I felt pretty good.  I was getting tired towards the end but felt like I could keep going.  I’m not too excited about my last 1000 because I’m trying NOT to race the last rep.

I tried to remain relaxed but when we came around the first quarter my coach yelled at me to stick with the group.  I wanted to point out we were running sub 90 but it was hard to do while trying to gasp for air.  So I held on without killing myself.

My cool down felt surprisingly good for having run so fast which is a good sign for me.

Maybe my relationship status with workouts ending in meters is on the mend… still too early to tell but I liked how this little “date” went.

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