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Week in review: Blurry. Blame it on the pollen that was fallen fallen.

Week in review:  Blurry.  Blame it on the pollen that was fallen fallen.

April 16th -22nd

This week was a bit of a haze.  I’m having trouble remembering everything that happened.  I’d like to blame it on all the pollen in the air.  Each morning I awoke to another fine yellow dusting on the menacing powered on my car.

Spring has sprung in the pacific northwest.

I had every intention on biking on Monday but failed.  I don’t even remember my excuse this week.  I was happy to fit a mid day yoga session in with the most perfect combination of flow and restoration.

Tuesday I tried a new route and it was amazing!  Everything in me wanted to keep running but I exercised a little self-control and capped it at 6.  My foot has been feeling really good but when it starts to feel really good I start to make really dumb decisions.  Really.

Wednesday I was back at the track.  I expected to be greeted by my coach with a good job from my weekend race and a reminder to step back a group this week.

But no such greeting.

Guess I’m running group 4A.

The workout was a 4 mile tempo run followed by 5 x 300m with a 100 second recovery (random).  We averaged 6:40’s and the 300s weren’t too bad.  Click here for all the details (yes I finally figured links out :)).

Thursday was the usual mid-week long run.  I was in no shape in the AM to run so I settled for 10 after work.  I somehow managed to find all the hills on my run.  It wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t fast.  I’d like to say I felt better after it but I would be lying… and I generally don’t lie.  True story.

Friday again I’d planned on biking but failed.  Again no reason.

I slept for 11 hours on Friday night (thank you pollen) and was up by late morning for my second speed workout for the week.

Saturday morning and 2 x 2 miles with 4 minute recovery.  It was hard.  That’s all I have to say about it… okay… not true… here’s everything I had to say about it…

Sunday was the long run of the week, 13 hilly miles over the eastside.  I ran with my good friend Nikki and was once again reminded that she is in fact much faster than me.

I huffed and puffed my way through the miles and am ready for a day off.

This week was a blur… … but at least the sun finally came out.  Now I just need this pollen to go away so I can see clearly again…

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