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Relay races and Tiffany & Co. are a girl’s best friend

Relay races and Tiffany & Co. are a girl’s best friend

This pretty much has been the BEST week EVER!

Tuesday NUUN announced their relay teams for the 2012 Hood to Coast and I was selected!  I’m not going to lie I just sat at my desk staring at my computer screen, first in disbelief and then and complete giddiness (is that even a word?).

How many days until August?

I’m sure my intern thought I was insane.  She thought I was even more insane when I tried to explain to her the reason for all my giddiness.  I think she still thinks I’m insane.

You might remember my entry, I’ve grown-up at this race.  My dad’s run on a bunch of teams, my mom has cooked raisin bread, oatmeal cookies and even served as a van driver in our faithful two-tone brown van.  My brothers and I have spent hours playing on the beach in Pacific City and Seaside Oregon waiting for my dad to finish.

That’s my dad… but not our van. Dad, you’ll be happy to see I didn’t post this on Facebook… yet…

I was lucky enough to run my first HTC with my dad.  I ran leg 3 and got to hand off to my dad who was running leg 4 (clearly because 4 follows 3).

It was a blast and I was hooked.  It was also my first race in 8 or 9 years and the reason I’m still racing today :).

Our team decided not to enter the following year so I answered a “want ad” on the HTC website and started my stint as a Pink Lady.

But last year we hit a little bump in the road…

We were all smiles at the end but it was a long road getting there… and as a result a tough sell for 2012.

As hard as 2011 was I still just wasn’t ready to quit this race… and luckily NUUN has given me a chance to run it again.  And yes I am counting the days.  And yes I still can’t believe it!!!

I’m so EXCITED to meet all my new teammates and excited to spread some NUUN love!

And as if that wasn’t enough (and trust me it really was enough)… I topped off the week with a little Tiffany & Co. news…

I awoke to this image in my mailbox…

… yep… I’m heading to SFO in October!

And I get a chance to earn another one of these…

… relays races and Tiffany & Co. really are a girls best friend.




Ever.  (Okay maybe not ever but it’s pretty close to the top of my list :))

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5 comments on “Relay races and Tiffany & Co. are a girl’s best friend

  1. Jocelyn
    April 27, 2012

    Congratulations on making the Nuun Team and getting into Nike’s Women Marathon! Can’t wait to meet you in August!

    • robyn
      April 28, 2012

      Thank you! I’m SO excited to run with the Nuun Team! And Nike will be a blast! Looking forward to meeting you too! (And congratulations to you too!)

  2. ricoleruns
    May 1, 2012

    CONGRATS ON HOOD TO COAST! I’m excited to meet you in person! But we should probably meet way before then since we live in the same place and we’re both doing Portland Rock n Roll?! AND both doing SFWM! 🙂

    • robyn
      May 1, 2012

      Thank you! Congrats to you too! Hood to Coast is my FAVORITE race and I’m excited to run with Nuun and meet everyone! I wish it was already August! I agree we totally need to meet-up! I love that you are running Portland AND NWM! 🙂 I’m SO excited to meet you in person!

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