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Wednesday night speed: combo workout 4 mile aerobic threshold 5 x 300m

Wednesday night speed:  combo workout 4 mile aerobic threshold 5 x 300m

April 18th

Wow, that sounds like a long workout and it was…  really long.

I figured this week I’d move back a group to 5 for the 4 mile threshold run.  The difference between 5 and 4A wasn’t much (6:48 and 6:42) but since I’d raced on Sunday I thought it would be a good life choice

I found my group from the previous week and we all agreed to run group 5. But as you can see below we had some issues (and I tend to not make good life choices… peer pressure kids… not a good thing… really.)


Avg Pace
Summary 26:32.0 3.98 6:40
1 6:38.0 1.00 6:38
2 6:54.0 1.00 6:54
3 6:36.5 1.00 6:36
4 6:23.5 0.98 6:32

6:38 for the first mile wasn’t really that fast since we had some downhill.  I’m not sure what happened on mile 2 and then 3 of us made our own group for the last 2 miles.

I felt pretty good so just settled in for those last 2 miles.  My running buddies started to pick things us but I just tried to stay steady because this week (unlike last week) I remembered we had 300s at the end and 300s sounded a whole lot longer than 200s.

But they really weren’t that bad.

4A was suppose to run 62, 61 and group 5 was 68, 67.  Our coach told us they need to be at a long distance runners stride pace (whatever that means)… I think it means no sprinting… no problem!

My watch died so I had no idea what pace I was running I just tucked in behind my group.  I think the first one was 63 and then 65.  Then I’m not sure what happened (seems to be a repeated theme) and we ran 59, 59 and 59.

Another week down… The cool down was much better than the crawl from the previous week… maybe this running with people actually works.

How about you?  Do you prefer to do your speed workouts alone or with a group?

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