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Wednesday Night speed: Combo workout 2 x 15 min Fartlek 6 x Cowan Park Hill

Wednesday Night speed:  Combo workout 2 x 15 min Fartlek 6 x Cowan Park Hill

April 11th

Yep, I am back.  And here’s why (I promise to keep this short- really).  I was a bit on the disappointed side of life after my race on Saturday.  I thought I’d feel better over the last two miles and thought they’d be faster.  I really started to question my “self training” and to be honest I was getting tired of running alone.

Enter Monday morning work.  As I settled into my office chair and turned on my computer I got a call from my coach; an unexpected call.  He wanted to know about the race.  The race I hadn’t told him about.  The race that was so obscure I didn’t think anyone would find the results.  Clearly I was wrong.

Apparently that’s all the encouragement I needed to get back to the track.

So I on typical spring night in Seattle, I found myself warming up around Greenlake.

It was one of those spring nights where one could debate back and forth for hours over whether to wear short-tights or shorts.  I opted for some speed shorts and compression socks.  I spent the entire warm-up trying to figure out why my shorts seemed so short and deciding I needed some spring transition short (my legs are not ready for such shorty shortness).

On to the workout.  2 x 15 minutes Fartlek with 4 minutes in between and then a 15 minute jog to Cowen Park for 6 times hills.  No idea how long these hills would be.

Group 5 was running 6:48’s and group 4A was running 6:42s.  I figured we’d be somewhere in between.  We did a lap on the track to find pace and then made a split for the streets.  I thought we were going to run the reservoir but one of the guys in our group made a break for the lake.  He’s and expert on pace (and the GL loop is flatter) so we opted for the lake.

It’s hard to say how I felt. For our first 15 minutes.  We averaged 6:38’s.  The first mile was fast, the second one we slowed at the end.  But clearly these were not 6:42’s.  My lungs felt okay but the legs were another story.

An easy 4 minute jog, me vowing to slow down, and we were off again.  6:36, 6:34 and the last little bit in 6:29 pace… dang it.  I’d like to say it felt awesome but it didn’t.  It didn’t really feel bad either it just felt hard.  Much harder than it was supposed to feel.  Maybe one day I’ll learn how to actually stick to a pace.  One day.

While I was busy gasping for air and forgetting all about this concept of pace I’d completely forgotten the workout called for hills:  6 of them.

Good thing we had a fifteen minute jog to get to the hill.  Actually our jog was closer to 18 (okay 20) because we miss calculated where our last fartlek ended (yep that sounds weird).

We get to the hill and most of the group is halfway through their 6.  We head down the hill passing a cheer section of homeless people (I’m not sure what they were doing but whatever it was they were having a great time) and found the start.

We turned around, faced the hill, and were off before I could talk myself out of it.

It was hard.  They were all hard.  But the reps were so short (300 meters) that by the time you realized what you were doing to yourself you were already in the middle of another rep.

We made it through all 6 in just over 7 minute mile pace.  It might not have been pretty (or really that fast) but we got through them and at the end of the day that was good for me.

We crawled a 2 mile cool down and called it a day.  14 miles total.

I got home and was so sore.  Lucky for me my yoga instructor was on Twitter, and after I lamented about my sore legs she sent me a few moves to help me out (including everyone’s favorite legs up the wall).

I’m back at least.

Here’s hoping the aftermath isn’t so bad.

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