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Week in Review: Finally, a race.

Week in Review:  Finally, a race.

April 2nd – 8th

Monday I was pretty tired from the last few weeks so I opted to skip the bike, sleep the extra 45 minutes.  I still managed an hour long yoga class with the perfect blend of flow and restoration.

I decided to skip a speed workout during the week since I’d planned on racing a 7k on Saturday.  My schedule called for a 4 mile time trial and that didn’t sound like fun so the race seemed like a better option.  This meant my long run was scheduled for Tuesday.

17 long miles on my own and my longest run of this training cycle.  I kept it nice and easy but it was really hilly.  The best part of my run was the weather I actually ran in shorts!

Wednesday I wasn’t so lucky with the weather.


Had to breakout my Lulu had in April!

And long tights.

At least it was only 4 miles.

I hit the trail on Thursday for an easy 6-8 with 12 x 100 meters.  It might be some time before I run this trail again (Bridle).  Everything was going well but I was overly confident in my navigation skills and decided to run the trail backwards.

At lease these aren't my new shoes.

Long story short, I got lost it was getting dark beneath the trees and I was getting a bit panicked.  A few prayers later (I kid you not) and I found the street and my way home.  Note to self, follow signs in an order that can be read (not backwards- I have enough trouble with directions as it is), start run earlier.

Friday I went easy in preparation for my first race since March 2011.

Saturday was the 4k-7k on 4-7.  You can read all the details here:  I actually won the race!  My time wasn’t as awesome as I hoped it would be but I was happy with the win.

I did my mid long run later on Sunday.  It was hot (for the northwest- close to 70).  But it was faster than expected I had several miles around 8s.

First race under my belt, little concerned about my conditioning but you have to start somewhere.

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