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Week in Review: Rain rain go away.

Week In Review: Rain rain go away.

March 26th – April 1st

The last week in March was a busy one at work, I don’t think I blogged at all and it’s the reason I’m still talking about March midway through April… so I’ll keep this short and (hopefully) sweet.

Monday was like any other rainy, indoor bike for 45 minutes and nice flow/restorative yoga- not a bad start to the week.

I did my workout on Tuesday this week.  I expected my legs to be sore from all the miles this weekend but they felt good.  I ran 5 x 3 minutes up a moderately steep hill (yeah I don’t know what that means either).  For all the details and awesomeness you can check out this link (one day I’ll figure out this hyperlink things):

I woke up to a beautiful Wednesday morning and I was even able to see my shadow on this run.

It does exist!

It was my mid long run for the week and my legs were not on board with it at all.  It started off with the hill that tried to kill me the night before.

I swear it’s much steeper in person.  The entire run I kept hoping to see someone I knew so they could give me a ride home, but no luck.

I made a good life choice on Thursday and rode the bike for 45 minutes.  Friday was followed by and easy 7.

Saturday was my long run day this week and it just might have been the end of the world flood style.  I know it rains in Seattle but I haven’t seen it rain like this in years.  I can’t even remember the last time I had to wear and actual rain jacket on a run.  One my friends was considering buying a jacket at Jock and Jill if they were open.  They weren’t.

Three of us made it to the start and it poured for the first few miles but then was rather nice.  We ran 15 and my friends dragged me along just over 8 minute mile pace, not sure I would have made it without them.

It was windy but...

... spring is in the air.

Sunday was an easy 8 followed by a baby shower with our running group for two of my favorite running buddies.

Jules and Jody!

Running peeps.

And look, sometimes I wear real clothes.

Solid but soggy training week.

run pretty run fast.


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