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Tiffany & Co. Yes please.

Nike Women’s Marathon, you speak my language:  Tiffany & Co.

What female doesn’t speak it?  My favorite part about this race is that your finishing “medal” comes in one of these:

Makes the heart smile.

I registered for the half this year with this gal… now we just have to wait to see if we get in!

Jules and me @ Boston... err or is it Jules and I? She's on the left...

I ran the full a few years back and it was a blast.  The set-up as a whole girls weekend.  I loved their theme:

Because I certainly don't want to run like a boy.

There are lots of hills so it may not be a PR course but I LOVE the course.  It starts in downtown San Francisco and finishes on the beach, and yes there’s chocolate on the course and at the finish!  Win win.

Note our necklaces and fun Nike gear.

Fingers crossed we get in again this year 🙂

run pretty run fast


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