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Hood to Coast… I can’t quit you.

Dear Nuun,

If I’m honest (and I know Nuun we don’t know each other (yet) so you’re just going to have to trust me on this one that I’m honest… mostly) my relationship with Hood to Coast is a little rocky right now;  our Facebook status is “it’s complicated”.

I have hope though:  hope for a little redemption with a little help from Team Nuun.

You see Hood to Coast 2011 killed the Pink Ladies, my former team.  Here’s a picture of us during happier times.

Pink Ladies!  I’m the one on the far right- black and pink socks (I’m totally photogenic)

… or maybe I’m just not good with group shots… I’m not sure what’s wrong with my head but I did just wake-up from 2 very restful hours of sleep in a field. 

Those last two pics are from my first year as a Pink Lady, but my second htc.  My first was the year before (2007) with my dad’s team.  He’s been running it since it finished at Pacific City.

Here’s a pic of me waiting for him at the old finish.

I should have kept that shirt.

I grew up running with my dad (okay so he had to totally slowed down to run with me) here we are at my first (and almost last) 10k (clearly a story for another day).

We both have some pretty sweet shorts on.

My dad’s run on a bunch of htc teams including the Dead Jocks from the Hood to Coast the Movie.  Side note- the Pink Ladies were almost made famous by the movie… we’re in several (and by several I mean like 2) background shots (BIG TIME- I know).

Here’s my dad’s mixed masters team (clearly from the 80’s) he’s in the front row on the left with the super sweet neon shorts. Guess I know where I get my sense of style from.  They totally won their division!

Okay, back to my story.  The first year I ran on my dad’s work team and I was hooked.  So hooked that when my dad’s team didn’t enter a team the following year I joined a team of strangers (I mean what could go wrong?)

My dad is on the far left trying to sneak out of the picture (notice the vintage htc shirt – he probably would like me calling it vintage…) I’m in the gray shirt, blue shorts and fabulous sunglasses.

Okay back to the Pink Ladies.  I found them from one of those personal ads on the htc website and some how it all worked out.

No it’s not all been ice cream cones and kittens.  We’ve definitively seen our fair share of trials!  In 2009 our van 2 broke down on the final leg.  They were stalled in the middle of nowhere with no phone service.  Van 2 girls had to hitch rides to each exchange:  both the runner and the timer! And van one had to hitch a ride to the beach!

Still smiles at the finish!

We navigated the 2010 course much better (and with 2 working vans).  We were all set for 2011 but it almost ended before it began.

Here’s the short of it.  You may think I’m going to lament the heat wave of 2011- much, much warmer than any of these northwest girls had seen in months (or years).  Or possibly the new start times or extra teams.

Nope.  None of the above.  We were a man (woman) down after leg one!  I’ll spare you the gory details but our leg one runner was missing the skin off her heals… not cool.

Still smiles after leg 1! Maybe it’s because we have no clue what leg we’re going to run next… I guess studying my legs was a bit of waste of time… Where’s that van packet?

That meant our brave leg 2 and 3 runners each ran 4 legs.  Ouch!  (And not to worry our leg one girl is all better now!) It also meant we had to do some crazy van shifting each major exchange.  It was a little (and my little I mean a lot) insane.

There were more mishaps like missed exchanges, wrong turns and long traffic back-ups but the downed runner really took its tole.  And as a result we had very few returning volunteers (sad face).  Hard to imagine right?

Hey look… I still see a few smiles! Who’s ready for next year? Anyone?

But not me.  I don’t want to be a htc casualty of 2011.  I have this strange addiction and I’m ready for a new year and new race!  I just can’t quit this race!

So that’s my sob story (the very short version).  But as sad as my story is it isn’t the only reason why I’d be a good pick.  Let me highlight my strengths.

1.  I heart me some Nuun.

Me and my Nuun bottle 🙂 oh and that’s my friend Shannon… she just ran her first marathon… nbd

Tragically my Nuun water bottle went missing after this picture.  I accidentally left her on my airplane in Seattle.  I like to think she’s busy seeing the world while flying the friendly skies.  Do know where I can pick-up a new one?  She went with me everywhere (sad tear).

2.  I have super sweet style.  (I mean this blog is called run pretty run fast)

I like running skirts, knee-high socks, sparkle and color coordination.

I’m not afraid of pink plaid skirt.

I’m clearly not afraid of a pink jumpsuit.

I prefer a running skirt…

I like to wear colors other than pink but I prefer matching others (I like me some color coordination).

I like a little sparkle on a gray day.

I like (matching) knee-high socks.

Did I mention I like me a running skirt? And clearly a htc T-shirt.

3.  I’m fast.  (again please refer to blog title)

Okay I confess I don’t have any updated 10k time.  My most recent races have been 5k’s, 21k’s and marathons.  I promise to have an updated 10k this summer (pinkie promise cross my heart).

Here I am crossing the finish line of my 3:09 marathon.

My previous best time was a 3:20 so I’m clearly excited.

First 5k in over 10 years… ran in the low 19’s

This was seriously the worst pain I’d felt in a million years. Look closely and you might see a tear. True story.

4.  I am excitable.

Hmm… I think the above pictures prove my point, but just in case you need more photo evidence.

Totally nervous, but totally excited!

5.  I’m fun in a van.

I’m in the backseat there and yes that’s my normal face. Please note I am also very reflective in this picture.

And the good times keep rolling.

6.  I’m reflective.  (as noted above)

7.  I’m have super sweet relay hand off skills.

Oh yeah!


8.  I smile pretty.

Smiling should involve all of your teeth.

… all of them…

None of this…

9.  I take awesome pictures.

Say cheese!

10.  I’m a supportive teammate.

Demonstrating my active listening and laughing skills… the gal on the left was our leg 2 runner who rocked 4 relay legs (clearly she has two physical legs… 4 would be weird)

11.  I have tank tops to match every Nuun flavor.

No judgement here kids…

12.  I’m not afraid of a port-a-poty (or Honey Bucket if you’re from Washington)

This lovely blue one is in Canada at the Victoria Marathon.

13.  And I live in SEATTLE (um… okay I’m on the eastside, but I work in the city!)

I heart Seattle.

Even if my view is from the eastside…

If you don’t pick me it could be sort-of awkward when we pass each other on the Burke, or Arb or Greenlake (don’t you want to avoid such unnecessary awkwardness?)
Okay Nuun.  So there you ya go.  I’m not really good with conclusions, so I won’t drag this thing out any longer (and yes I know it’s been long).  Please help me change my htc facebook status to “in a relationship”… no more of this “it’s complicated” business.
run pretty run fast and please pick me, I don’t think you’ll regret it.  Really!

4 comments on “Hood to Coast… I can’t quit you.

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  3. LindsayOnTheGo
    September 19, 2012

    Hahaha. Oh my gosh, I am just reading this for the first time. I KNOW! I’m slow. I’m sorry. Best line, “If you don’t pick me it could be sort-of awkward when we pass each other on the Burke, or Arb or Greenlake (don’t you want to avoid such unnecessary awkwardness?)”. SO great. 🙂

  4. robyn
    September 23, 2012

    Haha… no worries! I’m slower 🙂 I still need to read everyone’s recaps… but with this weather turning and Pumpkin Spice Lattes calling my name… I feel like I’ll be caught-up in not time! Haha… wonder if that line helped me at all 🙂

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