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Week in Review: I’m on a roll…

Week in Review:  I’m on a roll…

March 19th-25th

I opted for no cardio to start the week and settled for 25 minutes of yoga.  Since I’m starting to build my milage I wanted to be a bit careful.  Okay and I was a little sore from my weight workout so figured stretching would do me some good.

Tuesday I managed and easy 45 minutes over rolling hills.  My legs were still really sore.  I can home to this sight:

She's upgraded from brown paper bags.

Such an odd little bird.

... really. At least her taste is improving.

Wednesday was my workout was a lactic threshold run.  I managed 4.5 miles with my first 3 miles around 6:45 pace and ran my last 1.5 around 6:29.  I averaged 6:38s and for all the detail you can checkout this link.

My medium long run this week was 10 miles (my longest to date).  I was expecting to be sore, but was pleasantly surprised.  I even managed to run 8:12s.

Light gray evening but warm enough (sort-of) for shorts.

I had to add a little color to the evening sky.

Fremont Bridge.

And the view.

And the home stretch. Not going to lie I was happy to see this sight...

I decided to run from my office after work which is the reason for the speedy mid-long run.  Running the hills by my house clearly slow the pace down.

I was trying to be careful with my foot and had planned on biking on Friday morning.  I showed up bright and early at the IMA only to be reminded that it was spring break, and apparently no one works out before 11:00AM on spring break.

So there I was in my workout gear and nowhere to go.  I thought about just  going to the office and waiting until 11:00 didn’t think it’d be too professional to be sitting at my desk in my bike gear.


Lucky for me I also have a locker in our staff locker room.  I hoped I remembered my locker combo and headed out for an easy 45 min run.

And it was a beautiful morning in the pacific northwest.

I was smart and rested on Saturday (please foot hold on one more day).

Sunday was my longest run in months; 16 miles.  I really wanted to run with people but I seem to get hurt after running with the group and I’d already gotten a quick mid-long run in.

So 16 miles on my own.  Not bad (not the best) but a solid (and yes hilly) effort.  Two solid weeks in a row but April is just around the corner and we all know how I like to start a new month.

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