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fast: 4 (okay 4.5) miles LTP

fast:  4.5 miles LTP

March 21st

Clearly I’m a weekend blogger, but I’m trying to get caught-up on some of these posts, enter the lactic threshold run from mid-March.

This was my longest hard workout in weeks.  The last LTP workout went well so I was rather optimist.  My plan called for a 4 mile run, but I peaked at Tom’s workout and the group was running a 4.5 mile tempo run with 3 miles and LTP and the last 1.5 faster.  Since I haven’t been running with anyone I was wondering how I’d handle the workout.

4A was 4:52’s and dropping to 6:35.  I was thinking I’d run my 4 at 6:45, but I like his pace better, so I figured I’d give it a go.

I went into work early so I could leave by 4:00, however work called.  I didn’t get out the door until 4:30 and then I actually had to take a work call 2 miles into my warm-up.

I finally got started and it looked like my first two miles were going to be slightly up hill.  Awesome.

I started out at 6:47.  It was a bit fast, but I felt good so I settled in.  Next mile 6:45.  This one felt harder but I knew the next mile would be slightly down hill, and after that I just had to push for 1.5 miles.  Mile 3 was 6:44.  I started out faster (since it was downhill) and then slowed down it was an awkward mile, but they happen.  I just needed to get though 1.5  more.

I was supposed to pick-up the pace to a 6:35.  I figured I’d run a bit faster since I was running faster than the 6:52 pace.  What I didn’t realize was that my mile 4 would be uphill.  I managed a 6:29 but it felt a lot harder than it should.  I decided to turn around for the final half mile and averaged 6:17. Before you get too excited I had a little help with some downhill.

Overall I was more than happy with the workout.  I averaged 6:38’s and it was reassuring to know I could still run a “Tom” workout.

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