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Week in Review: Time to make some good/awesome life choices!

Week in Review:  Time to make some good/awesome life choices!

Yep, it’s April and I’m still talk’in about March…

March 12-18th

Dang!  How’d I get so far behind?  I’m not even sure I remember March anymore (such a distant memory since we’re a whole 2 days into April).

Monday: I started the week off as expected with 45 minutes easy on the bike and an hour of some gentle flow/restorative yoga.

Come Tuesday I was happy to be out of the gym again, but wasn’t looking forward to this epic weather forecast:

Hmmm... nice, the rest of the country is experiencing a heat wave but not the Pacific Northwest.

No luck with my Q13 Sun Tracker App either...this could be a long week.

I hit the roads and the rain for an easy 4.  My foot was feeling pretty good and I was optimistic about the week.

My optimism led to an awesome vo2max hill workout on Wednesday (5 x 2:30 minutes up a moderately steep hill).  You can read all the awesomeness here:

It was a gray workout.

... and a little wet out...

But I was super happy to run a workout after my LONG week off!

I like to run my medium long run after a hard day, but I decided to make a few good/awesome life choices this week (shocking) so I decided to bike for 45 minutes and run for 45 instead of my 10 miler.

I arrived at this place:


… but it looked nothing like this.  It in fact was filled with students just off a long spring break; it’s sort of like the first week after Christmas Break when everyone’s New Year’s resolutions are still alive and well.

All of the good bikes were gone… seriously all of them.  So I ended up with this dinosaur:

It didn't even have a quick start button!

This also meant I was right by the entrance, which meant my coach had a great view of me as he walked in for his workout.  I think I’ve failed to mention I didn’t tell my coach I was taking a break from the track so this was the first time I’d seen him since my new training plan.

We coordinated our biking/running schedule for the evening and ran 45 minutes together.  Honestly it was nice to catch-up, talk about my foot, running and life.  Not only was it a good run and good company but I actually saw the sun and I got to run in shorts… true story.

In my new-found quest to make good/awesome life choices I opted to take Friday off.

Saturday was everyone’s favorite day, Saint Patrick’s day, because everyone HAS to wear my FAVORITE color green (I get really excited about the color green- seriously).

I was going run the Kirkland 5k as a tempo workout, but during my run with my coach he talked me out of it.  I pretty sure if I had raced the 5k it would not have aligned with my new quest of making good/awesome life choices.

It was a really hilly 5k (maybe one day I will actually write a race report… maybe one day I’ll post my Hood to Coast race report from August… maybe).  I ran 3 miles to the start and back (all very hill) and I met up with these fun ladies:

Love these ladies!

And I finally got to wear my Sparkle Skirt!


I bought a red one for Love em or Leave em but never made it to the start line.  I decided to order this one and made a deal with myself that if it came in time I’d get-up (way too early on a Saturday) and run the Shamrock run.

I was impressed the skit came on time (I ordered it on Wednesday and it arrived on Friday!)  Can’t wait to try my red one out!

I finished the week off with and easy (and surprisingly hilly… okay not a surprise at all) long run.  My plan called for 14 but again I was trying to make me some good/awesome life choices so opted for 13.

Successful week of training complete!

Thank you left foot… I promise to be nicer to you in the future… promise.

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