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Week in Review: Dear March, I really don’t start new months well… here we go again… here we are.

Week in Review:  Dear March, I really don’t start new months well… here we go again… here we go.

March 5th – 11th, 2012

Maybe it’s me.  March seemed to start so well, unlike that other month.  But here we go again.  I’m back indoors and surrounded by these four walls.  I really don’t like working out inside, it seems so unnatural.

I had a feeling that I’d written my ticket for rest week during my last mile of my long run; the 54th mile of the week.  I was hoping I was wrong.

All day Monday I hoped I was wrong.  I manged my way through  a restorative Yoga class and 45 minutes on the exercise bike.

On Monday I was still optimistic I'd have a full week of running ahead of me... but alas... I was wrong... alas

Tuesday was more of the same as I hit the road for a run.  I tried to tell myself my foot was just warming up but it shouldn’t take 7 miles to warm up. It should be noted that  by the end of 7 miles I finally talked myself into believing that my foot still didn’t feel right and I needed to take a few days off.  Ugh.

I got the dumb (and I mean really dumb) idea to ice my foot once I got to work:  by the time I was done icing the nerve in my foot was tingling more than it had ever tingled.

I learned (in that moment) that icing nerves is not a great choice.  My new discovery was confirmed by my foot doctor on Thursday.  He said not to worry, it was just going to take time to figure out what triggers the fatigue, nothing a few cross training days wouldn’t help.

I biked 45 mins on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  I had no desire to cross over the lake on Saturday so I took a day off.

I knew I could rest on Sunday and Monday but opted to just see how it felt.

Nope... not a black and white filter. I was actually this gray on Sunday. True story.

3 easy miles later I was encouraged and ready for one more day of rest and then back to the streets on Tuesday.

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