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16th Ave… we both know who won tonight… vo2max


5 x 3:00 minutes up a moderately steep hill (whatever that means)

2 and quarter warm-up & cool down- 9 miles total

I’m a good 3 weeks behind with my weekly reviews and another 2 fast workouts behind.  I keep telling myself I’ll catch-up… but I’m starting to have my doubts, so I thought we’d just pick up this week on a little (and I mean big) hill in the Pacific Northwest.

I was going to run easy this morning but it took me over and hour to get out of bed this morning.  Surprisingly I was relatively on time for work in spite of this poor life choice.

So in light of my obvious fatigue I continued my series of good life choices and opted to run my hill workout tonight.  However, when I got home I was a sleepy kid.

But I somehow managed to get out the door.  I told myself the lie we all tell ourselves to get out the door when you’re less than motivated:  “I’ll just run the warm-up and see how I feel.”  Before you know it you finished the first rep and at that point you just got to keep going.

I think the hill I chose to run was a step up from moderately steep.  I thought my legs would be tired from my 16 miler on Sunday but they felt fine, they were just tired because I was running on more than moderately steep hill.

The good ole Garmin registered each 3:00 minute rep at .42 miles and my pace was mostly in the low 7 minutes (though if the distance was the same every time I’m not sure why my pace wasn’t).

The hill had a nice break down.  The first cross street was at a minute.  The second marker for me was at the street sign where I  usually turn and head down hill on my regular run at about 2:30.  The block from 2:00 minutes to 2:30 leveled out a bit before the last 30 seconds was a steeper rise and at that point I just had to push for 30 more seconds (confused yet? I am.)

Here are the pace numbers:  7:17, 7:08, 7:13, 7:14 and 7:11.  Like I said they were all .42 miles so not sure how that works Garmin.

Ended the night with legs on the wall (or couch) thank you yoga.

Legs on a wall (couch). Very good for recovery. I did manage to catch the end of the game… tough loss, well-played.

It rained a little (not sure enough rain to really call rain here) and it was a balmy 54 degrees… practical heat wave.

… till next time (hopefully sooner than later).

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