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fast: 2 x 2.5 miles LTP

fast: 2 x 2.5 miles LTP

Hold tight, still trying to get caught-up here…

Wednesday February 28th, 2012

It was a cold rainy, no make that snowy morning in Seattle.  I got up early (okay not that early, I didn’t have to be to work until noon) Wednesday morning.  I decided I’d run this lactic threshold pace workout over at Greenlake.  I was looking forward to it but a bit apprehensive since I struggled with pace the previous week.

The lake was almost empty and it was really cold.  I was sporting my new pair of Lulu running tights (I needed a little extra inspiration and let’s be honest I need to do some laundry).  Once at GL I found some cover and stretched for about 30 seconds; I decided I better get this thing started before I got too cold.

It was a nice change of pace to do a workout in the morning on a weekday.  The lake was empty, okay the snow/rain helped clear the lake out maybe just a little.

My goal was to run 6:45’s and maybe pick the pace up the last half mile.  I missed the first quarter (again) but was way too fast at the 800 (like 6:20 pace too fast).  I settled down and came through the mile in 6:35.  I followed that effort up with a 6:37 and my last half mile was 6:37 pace for a 6:38 average and I was pleased.

Don’t get me wrong, I was tired after this rep and wondering if I’d run too fast.  I’m still struggling to find my pace and but figured the second rep would tell me if I’m on track or not.

I jogged and easy 5 minutes and was ready to start again.  I decide to run in the opposite direction this time.  I knew the first mile well.  It starts at the bathrooms by the pool and finishes at the bathrooms by the boathouse; it’s also slightly uphill.  It’s always a tough mile but I know once it’s done the next miles are easier.

I came through the mile in 6:44.  It felt faster so I was slightly disappointed but decided not to check my watch again until mile two and just maintain the same effort.  Mile 2:  6:30.  Encouraging.  I finished the last half mile in 6:26 and yes I missed the quarter-mile marker.  Quarter mile marker 3 Robyn 0:  I need to find that quarter-mile marker.  I averaged around 6:34s:  Happy girl.

The cool down felt good.  It was nice to be done early in morning.  I ended up with 12 miles and it was so nice sitting at my computer knowing I had banked a 12 mile morning.  I’m still not sure if this is my pace, if I ran too hard but am encouraged with my finish in this workout.

Now time to work on my “week in review”

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