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fast: 5 x 3 minutes vo2 max

fast: 5 x 3 minutes vo2 max

Thursday February 23rd

And vo2 max it was, good thing I wasn’t wearing a heart monitor, I might have broken in.  This workout was much harder than it looks.  I’m not sure why I thought this would be easy but it wasn’t.  I’d planned on running this one on Wednesday night but got caught at work and settle for an easy 4 miles on the waterfront.

The Wednesday night easy run.

Perfect night.

For some reason my legs didn’t feel fresh come Thursday morning.  I hadn’t run much this week and they felt good on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Wednesday I made the poor life choice of eating gluten in the form of some whole grain bread and I’m pretty sure this was the reason for the leg issues.

Brief back story (very brief) I went off gluten about a year ago at the advice of my doctor.  After being gluten-free for a few days the inflammation I’d had in my hips (and had been bugging me for years) mysteriously went away and never returned.  I’d tried everything to help my hips from rest to yoga but it wasn’t until I cut wheat out of my diet I found relief.

So I’m back off wheat after this little experiment.  Okay, enough about my high maintenance eating.

The workout:  I picked a park nearby with a gravel trail and some grass (since the workout called for a grass, golf course or trail).  It wasn’t a large park so it was about a lap and a half to cover 3 minutes.

Here’s a pic of the park I did my workout in, though on Thursday it was actually sunny.

My Garmin reported the following splits per mile pace:  6:16, 6:22, 6:27, 6:27, and 6:26.  I was hoping to be closer to 6:15 but that’s all I had.  I was struggling to gain any speed on grass and the middle three reps had me running on the grass more than the gravel.

The cool down was a crawl, but at least I made it through another workout without quitting.  I think everyone around me thought I was crazy, I was breathing so hard, but clearly they didn’t understand the importance of my epic workout.

Lessons learned you ask?  I don’t like running on grass and I can’t eat gluten.  Overall a rather enlightening workout, don’t ya think?

run pretty run fast


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