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fast: 2 x 2 miles LTP

fast:  2 x 2 miles LTP

Saturday, February 18th

I wasn’t ready to attempt another partially completed (or totally failed) workout on the 16th (if you follow my blog you’ll know I haven’t been able to finish a track workout in two weeks for unknown reasons) however I wasn’t ready to give-up speed altogether.  Time to change things up:  new training plan and a break from my Wednesday night group.  This brings me to a Saturday morning in February and a very empty Greenlake.

Now Greenlake is usually not empty on Saturday mornings but it was real early for a Saturday and really windy (even for Seattle standards).  The sun had just come up (not that you could tell through the gray haze) and I was getting ready to start one of two 2 mile repeats.

The new plan called for LTP (lactic threshold pace) workout my only problem was I wasn’t (and still am not) sure what that is right now.  You are supposed to base it on your current half marathon pace or 15k race pace.  Since I haven’t raced since August I was just going to have to guess.

I settled on 6:45 pace and got to work.  I checked my watch at the quarter-mile and half-mile splits and all was well, well at least pace wise.  I can’t remember where it hit me, maybe the mile mark or just past it, but I started to panic and started to feel like I was hyperventilating.

To be honest I was ready to stop just like I’d done at the track the past two weeks.  But my legs were fine it was the breathing that was tripping me up.  As I debated my next move I told myself if you want to run fast you have to be comfortable being uncomfortable (something I’ve hear a million times).

I started to repeat it over and over again and before I knew it I’d reached the second mile maker.  6:44 and 6:24 for an average o 6:35.  I was happy to see the second mile was so fast but knew I need to slow it down.  Clearly I was a little excited trying to make it through the first rep.

4 minutes of easy jogging and back at it.  The second rep started off pretty good, but a half mile into it the wind really picked up; another stormy day in the Pacific Northwest.  I went through the mile in 6:42 and pushed on, but the harder I pushed the windier it got.

The last half mile was off the track on and on the sidewalk on my way back to the U.  I was trying to find some relief from the wind and turned a corner.  My pace was about 6:50 but once I turned the corner I got it down to a 6:45 in about 2 tenths of a mile.

I wished the final mile had felt better but was happy to make it through on pace, you see this workout was a bit of a test for me.  I’m pretty certain my iron stores are low and I was testing my strength on this run.  Not only did I finish a workout (something I hadn’t done in a few weeks) but it felt good.  I decided I’d take it a week at a time but this was a good sign.

As I ran my cool down my running group sped by me off on their tempo run, none of them recognized me.  I don’t blame them after all they were in the middle of a workout.  It made me realize that I’m going to miss them but I really need a break.  A 14 week break to be exact and a little experiment with my training plan and I’m very happy to report that I am excited for this new journey.

run pretty run fast

… and much, much more to come…


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