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Weeks in Review: Dear February, It’s not you… it’s me.

Weeks in Review:  Dear February, it’s not you… it’s me.

I’m not really sure what happened this month but the wheels seem to fall off a little (only a little).  I think I’m putting it all back together, just in time for March.  February 2012, you will not be missed.

So sit back and enjoy an epic recap of the last three weeks, there are several details I have clearly tried to block out but I will do my best to recap this month and all its awesome glory.

February 6th  -26th, 2012

If you’ve been following me you’ll know February started off with two pretty miserable workouts.  I was really more hopeful going into the second week of February.  The week started off the same, rest day Monday easy run Tuesday followed by yet another Dr. apt for the foot.

View from the morning run (before the docs) I really wish the sky had been this blue.

But in reality it was a bit more gray, even with the sun shining.

I was running late for the Dr. apt and had extra trouble with parking.  The spots just seem to get smaller and smaller.

You'll recognize the familiar color/alpha/letter coded hospital.

My doc liked the progress on my foot but wanted to see me again in March.  Ugh, but at least I’m moving in the right direction.  Right?

Had to go straight from the run to the Dr. but at least I had my fav Lulu tights on.

Tuesday of course was followed by Wednesday (funny how that happens) and I found myself back at the track.  For all the glorious details you can read this post but for the short story; I made it through 2 of the 4 1 mile repeats.

I decided to take two full days off after the workout.  I couldn’t even think about going to the gym which made me think I’d better get my iron levels checked (been down this path a few times).

The previous week I’d finally acknowledged I didn’t have the base to run a full marathon and decided I would shoot for the half at Eugene.  But by the end of this week I felt like maybe I needed to re-evaluate things a bit.

I had a less than spectacular run on Saturday.  I figured Sunday would feel the same but gave it a go anyways.

Another perfect gray day for a run (no really, not windy and pretty mild) I'll take that for a February day in the Pacific Northwest.

Stretching break (or as my dad would say "time to catch your breath break")

I made it to the halfway point and turned around.  Before I knew it my miles were getting faster and faster.  I was easily under 8 minute pace and it felt good.  I actually made a somewhat intelligent decision on this run and carried some water with NUUN.

Here's to good life choices. Drink up!

I was almost to the 8 mile marker when I found this:

Look what I found on my run!

Yeah.  That is a dog.  There were a few of us who found her and somehow I ended up with her.  Someone game me a leash and I ran her 2 miles back to my house.  She seemed pretty happy about it.

To make a really long story short she had no tag and after a trip to the vet no chip.  We drove back to the neighborhood I found her in on our way to they Humane Society and found a crying girl on a bike who had yes, just lost her dog.  Dog and girl happily reunited once again.  Please chip or tag your dog people;  this dog’s life was about to get seriously downgraded.

Now back to running.  I am concerned about my iron levels and am getting them tested but even more so I think I need to tweak my training.  It’s been a long stretch since I injured myself last April and I feel like I’ve just been fighting to get back in shape.  I made it to Hood to Coast (and barely made it through that) then the fall I was plagued with a sinus infect (5 rounds of antibiotics… really).  Managed a full marathon with Shannon and had some good workouts but never got my mileage back to where I like it.

I realized that while I could make it through a workout, I was pushing too hard and taking too long to recover.  So I decided to back off training with the group and follow another plan for the next few months.

Blah, blah, blah back to pictures.

This gray picture summarizes the week of running.

The week of the 13th.  Really a dark a gloomy week;  I’m not sure I took a single picture (except for the one above).  I did manage a lactic threshold workout on Saturday (more details on that in another post).  Even more exciting I managed a solid week of miles and I didn’t fall apart.

Okay, okay so I slightly exaggerated.  There was an hour of beautiful weather on the Wednesday night.  I normally would have been on the track sprinting away but I opted to go home and run an easy 8 miles with no watch.

Not to worry I had my headlamp and reflective vest on for safety (my headlamp was actually turned on while running) and apparently a slightly lazy eye.

And the sunset.

And the sunset.

The week of the 20th was followed by more of the same.  A fairly gray week but a solid workout (not as fast as I was hoping) and a solid week of mileage.

Found some more pretty on a Wednesday evening run.

More beauty.

I was also finally able to run with some friends which was much-needed. Nikki took me to Discovery Park and though it was SO hilly, it’s my new favorite spot to run. Today I ran with Jules, who’s due with baby number 2 in April and still running great.  The morning was beautiful.  Checkout the pics:


Tried out my new bright yellow Nike long-sleeve... love it!


View of Bellevue.

More importantly the last few weeks reminded me why I love to run and that while I love running fast I don’t want to run fast at the cost of having fun.  And I certainly don’t want to be off the road like I was all last spring and most of the summer.  I can’t take these days or runs for granted.  So I’m searching for the balance and I think this is good place for me to be.

So I lied February, you will be missed.  You taught me a lot and I’m in a better place because of you.  I’ve now clearly lost it because I am still talking to a month.

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