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Wednesday Night Speed: 4 x 1 mile

Wednesday Night Speed:  4 x 1 mile

Here we go again, better late than never (in this case really, really late).  You’ll understand in a few sentences why I wasn’t in any hurry to post this workout.

It was another Wednesday night.  I’d spent the past 3 days trying to walk like a human again, instead of a Zombie.  After my failed tempo run the previous Saturday, I decided to supplement my running with some strength training.  Simple enough right?

I found the workout I’d been doing during the summer (very easy) and started lifting.  I unfortunately had forgotten that because of the foot injury I’d cut out the lunges.  So when I started my fourth or fifth lung (with 5lb weights- please don’t laugh) I felt about 8 muscles stretch way, way, way too much.  The damage was done and the recovery took several more days than expected.

Which brings us to Wednesday and yes, another failed workout.  Sigh.  The workout out was 4 x a mile with 2.5 minutes recovery.  I dropped back to group 4a which didn’t feel like dropping back at all.  The pace was 6:07 for the slow ones (yes I said slow) and 6:04 for the fast ones.

Our first one was 6:09 and I can’t say anything good about it.  The second one was 6:07 and again no good words here.  I started the third rep made it 300m and called it a day.  I just couldn’t keep going.  My coach had me jump in with a friend who had a sore hamstring and managed to run in the 6:25 range and ran a final one on my own but that one started slow.  I managed to get faster each lap but still only managed 6:45 (a far cry for 6:04).

I guess I can be happy about the first two reps and that I listened to my body, but let’s be real here, no one like quitting a workout.  If these two failed Wednesdays had happened weeks apart I think I’d be less concerned, but I’m thinking it might be time to get the old iron levels tested again.  And of course a few full days off.

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