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Week in Review: I don’t start new months well…

Week in Review:  I don’t start new months well…

January 30th – February 5th 2012

Okay, still playing catch-up here…  February may have had a beautiful start (weather wise) but it was anything but fast.  Maybe I just need a break?  Maybe it’s just the new month?  Whatever it might be here are the details.

I love me a good rest day and Monday was my usual rest from running but I managed to get an hour of Pilates in.  I was still feeling tired from the weekend so was happy to give the legs a break.

Gray morning run.

Tuesday I hit the road for an easy run I was still pretty sore and was definitely tired.  I felt like I’d raced on Sunday instead of running a marathon pacing workout.  I thought about taking the week easy but quickly ignored the inner voice of reason.

Still pretty gray.

Lightening up. View on the run.

Hello Wednesday; you started off so full of promise.  It was actually daylight when I left my office to hit the track!  Could spring really be right around the corner?

My warm-up didn’t feel good, my legs were tired, but I decided to not panic.  I’ve had plenty of crappy warm-up runs enough to know that you can’t judge a workout by the warm-up run.  And it was a beautiful night:  I was ready to run fast.


Unfortunately my legs were not ready to run fast.  The workout was 3 x 2000m.  I made it through 2 and called it a night.  For all the awesome detail checkout this link:

The cool down from my run felt okay so I figured a few days of easy running and I’d be back.  I managed a 8 miler on Thursday followed but 4 on Friday.  Neither felt great but I’m sort of getting used to feeling this way.  I figured I’d feel good by Saturday morning.

Amazing morning.

Amazing morning.

Thursday was a beautiful sunrise (but very cold!)

Sun rising on the run.

Pretty amazing morning.

Friday’s sunrise was pretty amazing as well.  I might not be running fast, but I can’t complain about getting out the door early to these amazing sights.


... same morning...

Doesn't get old.

I was hoping I’d convince a few friends to join me for the Saturday workout but no luck (and I can’t blame them).  I still got up and made my way into the city.  I did manage to leave the eastside a little late and struggled to find parking and by the time I finally found parking there was no way I was going to make it to the track on time.

I was so unmotivated so I figured I’d just stay by the lake and run a flow workout on my own.  My plan was to run 6:50’s like a few weeks ago.  I wasn’t feeling good so I figured I’d see how I felt at the quarter-mile marker.

Well I missed the quarter-mile marker (shocking) but found the half mile maker: when I looked at my watch I was at 7:08 pace.  It felt much faster.  Dang.  I hit stop on my watch and figured I’d rest the whole week and not push it.   I don’t usually struggle with motivation this way so I figured the rest would do me good.

Pre-long run meal and read.

I knew I’d still run long on Sunday but even cut that short.  I will say the Sunday run was fun.  I actually got to run in shorts and ran through all my favorite parts of town.  Still I think my body needs some rest maybe lay off the fast.

Shorts! These Lulu ones are my fav but they stopped making them... better not lose them!

I finished my Sunday off with some race planning.  I’m planning on running Love em or Leave em before Valentine’s day with my friend.  And… our sparkle skirts just arrived!


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