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Wednesday Night Speed: 3 x 2000m

Wednesday Night Speed:  3 x 2000m

I realize that this is a few weeks late but I just haven’t been able to make myself sit down and focus long enough to reflect on any of my running (or really my life).  Honestly I’m just lucky to make it out the door in the morning and make it through a work day, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

Wednesday February 1st was full of hope (unlike most winter Wednesdays).  As I left the office it was still light out and I thought maybe part of the warm-up would be in the light:  no luck.  But the hope of daylight running lives after this long dark winter.


I was worried for this workout (what else is new) but more optimistic than usual.  I was still pretty tired from the Sunday long run with marathon pacing and even thought I might need to rest since Sunday felt more like race effort.  In the end I decided to throw caution to the wind and just run with group 4 as planned.

Group 4 was small again, I thought it was just going to be two of us but there were about 5 guys who dropped down from group 3 to run with us.  Big mistake, but isn’t hindsight always 20-20?

Our goal pace was 7:34, so 91s.  We take off and were flying.  I decided to settle in at the back and try to hold on, when we came around the quarter my watch read 89: great.  We settled down with a 94 and finally found 91 on the third lap.  People must have panicked because lap 4 was 88 we finished the rep with a 90 and though I was fading from the group I ran right on pace 7:34.  I really was anything but pretty.

I was tired.  I don’t always feel good on the first rep but I felt like I was on rep two not one.  We rested for 2.5 minutes and were off again.  88, great this isn’t starting well.  91, better, 90, 93, 95 for a 7:38 and I was done.

Rep two felt like the final rep so I decided it would be just that; I just couldn’t force myself to run another one.  I’m pretty sure I could have physically run another rep but it wouldn’t have been pretty.  I am really trying to learn from past mistakes and I felt I’d pushed it too much on Sunday.  I know missing one rep wouldn’t kill me physically but it will be a long week until the next Wednesday Nigh Speed.

I don’t like not finishing a run but I know it’s the right choice.  Time to regroup and find a little rest.

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