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Week in Review: Confessions of a Marathon Drama Queen

Week in Review:  Confessions of a Marathon Drama Queen

January 23-29, 2012 (better late than never)

After this week I’m thinking of changing the name of my blog to “Confessions of a Marathon Drama Queen.”  This week had equal parts fast and slow, but to be honest not much pretty (mostly because I’m a bit behind on the laundry).

Monday I was an insanely long day at work.  I had early morning commitments so the only time to get my Pilates workout in was after work.  I was a bit worried after Sunday that I’d be too sore for Pilates, but no issues at all.  Unfortunately I can’t say the same thing about Tuesday.

I figured I’d start flat on Tuesday since I’d been in so much pain on Sunday.  All was well for mile one but the wheels quickly fell off.  I made it to 4 hoping I’d warm-up but no luck.  What made matters worse was the spot on my foot where my doctor told me I had a stress reaction was hurting;  great.

Lucky for me I finally saw the PT this week, I have some new exercised, he worked on my foot and I was set.  I left his office with no pain, hallelujah!

Wednesday I was thinking I’d drop back to 4A just to get recovered but before I knew it I was running with group 4.  The workout was 2 x 1.5 miles. Group 4 was running 6:08 pace (though we were a bit fast).  For all the details checkout this post:

I decided to play it safe so I aqua jogged in the AM, and I mean AM on Thursday.  I was at the gym by 6:00AM.  The building, along with the diving well, was pretty much empty.  It was a boring 45 minutes and I’m not sure it was the best choice, my hips still managed to feel pretty sore.

I was back at the PT in the late AM, he tweaked my orthotics and we think we’ve countered and supported everything that was going wrong with my foot.  I finished the day off with Pilates (which I’m beginning to think is a mistake).

Friday morning was cold and dark, I mean really dark.  I was also insanely sore (again).

Can you see the coldness in the air?

Yep... still dark...

Hope on the horizon...

I don’t remember much from the run except for the fact that I was cold for the rest of the day and that my legs clearly needed a day off.

So that’s what I did, Saturday complete rest followed by foam roller and Epsom salt soak.

I wanted to try to get two workouts in this week so I had the brilliant idea to run long and run and marathon pace (combo workout).  In hindsight not my best choice but what can ya do?

It was cold and gray (shocking right?)  I started out in Woodenville on the Sammamish River Trail.  I was actually trying to start at Bothell but clearly was confused.  Good thing the park had a handy map.

Which way is north?

My warm-up felt good and I was optimistic about the workout, that clearly changed less than a mile into the run.  I can honestly say (now that some time has passed) that I ran the workout way to fast.  Live and learn?  Or maybe it’s just live?

The trail is beautiful, it reminds me of the Eugene bike trail and I thought it  would help me visualize Eugene.  Only problem is I’m hoping to feel a lot better at Eugene.  Hear are all the details on the 8 mile marathon pacing:

Mile marker 7 1/2 and I spent lots of quality time together... I passed her (yes she's a she) several times.

Reminds me of the Eugene bike trail.

Clearly making-up for my lack of pictures from earlier in the week.

Geez, last one I swear.

Glad to have this week behind me.  I’m really happy with Wednesday but I’m a bit worried the other runs hurt as much as they did.  By running in the pool I kept my mileage down (30) but will need to increase it in upcoming weeks if I want to run a marathon in April.  I see the doc in a week and a half… fingers crossed!

run pretty run fast

Post marathon pacing workout. Nike half tights and half zip. It was a cold and wet morning.


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