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Sunday Morning Marathon Pacing: Long run with 8 miles at MP

Sunday Morning Marathon Pacing: Long run w/ 8 miles at marathon pace

Mile markers, a happy sight.

Okay, so I totally skipped the Saturday morning tempo run this week.  Friday I was barely able to walk after a 6 mile easy run so I decided to yield to my body and I rested on Saturday.  I guess a 40+ hour work week was more than my legs could take; clearly sitting at a desk is very hard work.

I’d been debating several possible workouts and settled on a 14 mile run, 3 miles of warm-up and cool down and 8 miles at marathon pace.  No what pace is that?  My current PR pace is 7:13, my stretch goal pace is 6:52’s but realistically I’d like to run at least 7:05’s.  Erring on the conservative side (this is my first week of double workouts) I opted for 7:05 pace.

The weather was less than awesome; light rain and wind but this is the northwest and I was ready for it (or so I thought).  As I looked to the sky I watched a weather cross the horizon like one of those time lapsed cameras; still I was optimistic.

I ran out 1.5 miles turned around and found one if the mile makers to start at; after last week’s Garmin issues I figured it was safer to trust these man-made landmarks.

View from the run.

View from the run.

I planned on easing into the workout but the first mile was anything but easy.  I managed a 6:54 into a pretty intense wind.  I was thinking I’d turn around (because who really wants to run into the wind) but figured I’d press-on for one more mile.  By the second mile mark I was done, I hit lap on my watch and then stop.  6:32, well that explains a lot.

I wanted to finish the workout but needed to regroup.  Clearly I’m struggling with pace but I needed to correct it if I was going to make it another 6.  After catching my breath I started-up again determined to find my pace.  Mile 3 came around:  6:29.  Darn.

Now just to be fair, my watch was a complete fail, it was telling me I was running 7:00-7:11 pace.  I knew I was running faster and I knew my watch struggled in storms but this was crazy.  I decided to ignore the Gamin pace info and just continued to hit lap at each mile marker.

I was fast through 4 and 5 (6:46 & 6:45) and then I got lost, sort-of.  I’d planned on turning around at mile marker 9 but it never came.  My Garmin finally chimed indicating a mile had passed and I turned around since I wasn’t confident I’d find another mile marker (I know I’m being a bit of a drama queen).

More views.

More views.

Mile 6 read 7:02 but I thought it might be long.  I hit lap at the 8.5 mile marker and my watch read 3:40.  I know I wasn’t running 7:20 pace so I figured it was safe to assume I’d run a longer mile.  Mile maker 8 confirmed a 6:52 pace which seemed right.  I could tell I was slowing down a bit but was just hoping to find mile 8 (at mile maker 7- confused yet?  I am.).

6:40 pace to the 7.5 mile marker (which actually was 7.5 miles) and then I kicked in with a less than impressive 7:12 pace (but still under 7 for the mile).  Not the nice even pacing I’d imagined but at least it’s only January; right?  I figure I averaged 6:49 pace if miles 6 and 7 weren’t long.  If they were long I figure 6:45s.

Wow, how nerdy is this post?  This is what runners think about; clearly too many miles alone miles.  I ended up running 15 and I’m now ready for a day off.

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