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Wednesday Night Speed: 2 x 1.5 miles

Wednesday Night Speed: 2 x 1.5 miles

Finally back on the track but I had my doubts (shocking right).  Sunday may have been the most painful run in my life; I really should have turned around and gone home.  I figured I’d be recovered by Wednesday but to be safe I rested on Monday (except for Pilates).  I hit the road Tuesday morning but played it safe with and easy 4 however within the first mile I knew I was in trouble.

Tuesday night I soaked in Epsom salt and Wednesday I popped some Advil and hoped for the best.  I figured I’d at least run the warm-up and try to make it through the first rep.

I met one of my friends for the warm-up and we were on our way.  The first few steps felt good and we managed 2.5 miles pretty comfortably.  We ran our warm-up quarter which I think I should count as part of my workout.

No one really understands the warm-up quarter.  When I first showed up to the group no one could really explain what it was or really how fast we were supposed to run it.  What I gathered was we’re supposed to run it at the pace we’re running the workout in.

On this particular night I found myself at the very back of the group and when I looked at my watch as we crossed the line it read 84.  Clearly I’m not running at repeat 1.5 miles in 84s.  Still the legs felt okay though I could tell my hip flexors felt sore.

I’d already decided I’d run with group 4A this week because I’d been sore and I’d just run hard on Saturday.  We had a nice group this week and before we knew it we were off.  4A was supposed to run 6:16’s which still sounded fast but a few weeks earlier I’d held the same pace for 2 mile repeats so I hoped for the best.

We came though the first quarter in 92’s and just like that we were group 4 (goal pace 6:08s).  I felt good so I wasn’t too concerned.  I settled in and tried to relax.  Things were going well through 3 and a-half laps, I held my own for the 4th lap and the last two were a struggle.  Three minutes of easy jogging and we were off again.

We settled in but I could tell it was fast.  I messed my watch-up (shocking) so I didn’t see the splits for the first 3 laps.  I felt good and thought I’d start to pick-it-up the last two laps.

Once we came around the 1200m mark I could tell we were slowing down.  The same gal had been leading for the first rep and the three laps of the second rep.  I really wanted to sit back but figured we should help her out.  I moved ahead and paced us for the last 3, almost.  She passed me back on the home stretch.  My goal this year is to NOT race workouts so I stayed the course and finished strong.

We ran 9:11 and 9:10, roughly 6:07 and 6:06.  Here are the splits:  rep 1 92, 92, 92, 91, 90, 90 and rep 2 4:35 (1200m), 94, 92, 89.  The cool down was okay and it felt much better than the Saturday cool down.  It was the first workout in a few weeks where I actually felt good.  What’s even more encouraging was I ran the same workout last year in 6:16 and 6:06.  Maybe this Eugene Marathon will happen after all.

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