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Week in Review: I survived the treadmill (and the snow)… barely.

Week in Review:  I survived the treadmill (and the snow)… barely.

January 16-22, 2012

Okay, I’m a little late on this one; clearly I’m still 3 snow days behind.  The week that is now being called “snowpocalyse” is somewhat of a distant memory at this point.  It was long and very slow filled with sweatpants and hot chocolate.  Proving once again that I am truly insane I did manage to find my way to some speed and style.

Monday as you know by now is my usual awesome day of rest; it was also an awesome holiday.  I was itching for a run and decided I’d rested my foot long enough.  My plans were nearly cut short when we were hit with snow.  Before you judge me for being a wuss in snow I have ample reason to be well, let say nervous.

A few years ago I hit the roads in the snow and came back with a bloody chin.  A few days later I face planted again (okay twice in less than 10 minutes) and I have since decided that my reflexes are not suitable for snow.  Thus decided to test my luck on the treadmill.

I have a hate hate relationship with this thing.

I hate the treadmill, I hate running and not going anywhere, but I managed 4 miles with no pain.  And I’ll take it.  I went to my husband’s gym and he was still working out, so I had to find some other cardio machine to round out the hour.  I was over the bike after last week so I hopped on some machine I’ve never been on.  I thought it the EFX or elliptical or whatever the kids are calling it these days, but it clearly was a whole different beast.

What is worse than a treadmill?

The resistance was on 1, yes 1, and I huffed and puffed for another 28 minutes.  It told me I didn’t go very far but my heart rate was 172.  I was happy to head home and finished the day off with an hour of Pilates and some M&Ms.

Nice healthy glow after my indoor running adventures.


Tuesday morning I tried to get a run in before work.  I managed to find a mile and half of clear road (okay clear enough road) and went back and forth for 8 miles.

Mile and a half strip of promise land.

The run felt awesome and everything was going well until the 8th mile and the snow really began to fall.

Clear at miles 1-7, but not so much at mile 8.

I slipped and slid all the way home and prepared myself for some more treadmill running;  I was pretty confident no one would be hitting the track on Wednesday night.

Last mile might be interesting...

Trying to decide why I thought I needed the last mile.

Back at the gym on Wednesday (my husband actually enjoys driving our hilly streets in the snow… at least the ones that were still open) and I was back on the treadmill; this time for 6 miles.

Found the one open window so it sort-of felt like I was running outside.

To be honest it was a mile too long on that safe treadmill belt.  I guess I’m not used to running flat and my hips started hurting.  I finished of the hour on the bike just in time to see our Wednesday track workout was canceled:  first time in 20 years… yes 20, now that’s commitment.

Time to head home.

Thursday I couldn’t bear the thought of working out indoors again so we went for a walk.  Friday I was hoping for a clear patch of road but that was another epic fail (I did manage some Pilates on Thursday).



Still smiling though 🙂

Saturday however brought about the promise of dry land and fast miles.  I found myself in a sleepy haze driving into Seattle for an unknown track workout.

It was my first Saturday workout since the summer.  Usually we are off the track on Saturdays but the sidewalks and trails were anything but clear.  As if the ground conditions weren’t bad enough the wind was really blowing, you could actually see the weather fronts moving across the sky.

Lucky for me my group (complied of me and another gal) were given a flow workout:  5 miles, 4 at 6:50’s and the last mile faster, not so bad right?  I’m sure it would have been awesome if we had any idea of what our pace was but as usually on a stormy day my watch was anything but reliable.  For all the awesome details check out the full review:

Sunday I was ready to meet the girls for an easy run, unfortunately my legs (or hips) were not.  After navigating a snowy first mile with my pregnant friend we hobbled another 9 and called it good.

Mile 1. Pretty sure it was over before it began.

We should have turned around at 3 miles and hailed a taxi at 6, but cabs are hard to find on Sunday mornings so we had to get ourselves home.

All in all it was a solid week.  My foot felt good.  I did have to cancel my PT appointment but have been working diligently on my old exercises (maybe he won’t be able to tell?).  I hope to be able to walk on Monday but just happy to be outside again.  Now if I could just find someone to train for this marathon with me…

Let the marathon planning begin.

run pretty run fast

Goodbye snow. See ya in 8 years. xoxo


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